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Searching Team Fortress 2: Summer Holiday. [SoL|Romance|Action]

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Been Red Team and Blu Team have been given Six Weeks off for the Summer, and both sides are to stay at the same Hotel in Las Vegas, how will both teams react when they realise that they are staying in the same hotel, well ether way, I'm sure that craziness will ensue.


Red Team.

Red Scout-

Red Soldier-

Red Pyro-Male-LoneWolf1735

Red Demoman-

Red Heavy-

Red Engineer-

Red Medic-

Red Sniper-

Red Spy-


Blu Team.

Blu Scout-

Blu Soldier-

Blu Pyro-

Blu Demoman-

Blu Heavy-

Blu Engineer-

Blu Medic-

Blu Sniper-

Blu Spy-


Sign up Sheet.




RP Sample:



Class: Pyro

Gender: Male

Description: Same As The Game, but is slightly slimmer and taller

RP Sample: Pyro Sat Down on his bed and placed a hand to his Head... Er... Mask and sighed.


"Mmpfh Mmpfhh Mmmmpfh mpf"

(Where did Medic go?)


He sighed and stood up before leaving his room.

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