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Ok this is important.

I realized that I can't make this game by my self and well I've decided to do this 

Any artist work can be in the game however here are the rules.

1. You can choose what character you want to do.

2. The way the engine works it like stop motion of a gif so your gonna have to draw a lot.

3. You must send me a full line of drawings not just a single picture.

4. Must be 16 frames per second( subjected to change)

5. Eat more citrus foods.

6. Talk to me before you starting on drawing anything so I don't have 20 artist drawing a OC standing animation.

7. Must be a BMP image file. The engine only takes that type for whatever reason the engine has.

8. I've had problems making these so try to use the program the Mane6 team used on the original fighting is magic to make the images cause when I tried it said it had too many colors 256 to be exact.

9. Even if you make one animation you will be credited in the credits.

10. Send me them frame by frame to me through gmail along with your name so you can receive full credit where it's do.



Thank you.

Also I need voice actors for all the character and the OC contest can be seen here.http://mlpforums.com/topic/104628-who-wants-their-oc-in-a-game/page-1
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