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Searching Sombra's Rule (1x1)

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Character Information: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/king-sombra-r7024

IC Chat: (plan on having multiple if it is wanted, but all one on ones.


Sombra has ruled over the empire for the last couple of hundred years. After his return, no one has been able to stop him. Now he is in search of hopfully a companion to atleast ease his bordem.He had his fair share of mares, but he didn't have a connection with any of them. He always made sure that he didn't get any of them pregnant, simply because he would kill the children. He has slowly encrouched upon the entire world and has almost successed. Maybe there would an opposing force that would be able to stop him? Maybe he could take contorl of them? Maybe his future colt/mare of a soul mate is already within his clutches.



Basic rules apply to the site itself.

No godmodding: No taking control of a character or automatically hitting them

NO MARY SUES OR Marty Stu:  Meaning, no over power, there needs to be balance. No relations with the main characters. meaning no wife,husband, aunt, uncle, grand mother/father, mother, father, sister, cousin, daughter, son, neice, or nephew with the princesses.But a distance family realtion is alright. Every action will have consequence. Also means that your character needs a decently built backstory. Atleast a paragraphs worth please.

No jack of all trades: Meaning they cannot be good at everything. even if they have been alive for, forever.


No Alicorns(will only make acception if I like it): Only due to the fact that when people create them, they are in complete and unchallanged control of some aspect of nature. If you do wish to have an alicorn, I will make this simple. No complete contorl over: Galaxy,stars, sun(celestia), magic itself, Moon(luna), plants, everfree forest, chaos, harmony, Elements in general, mind, power over small animals.

Each alicorn will only have a small influence in what happens when it comes to such things like elements. Im talking fire, water, and the like.


Looking for a non-alicorn character, preferably pony. Please post your character link in the comments with also maybe a small idea on how the RP would start if I accept you. And I will only accept as many as I feel like. But this will be the main OOC thread.



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Well....hmm.....I do love the basis behind your character. Would you mind if we did keep the history on yoru profile but changed it in the RP? So he wakes up under sombra's rule?


And accpted. XD I mostly just wanna play sombra.

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That's fine with me. Will the wolven empire be under his rule? 


The whole awakening is that his cryo-tube was found in a 1000 year old de-railed train. It could be that sombra's forces found the train first in the ice.


Also, more than happy to be playing with the king of evil.

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