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They claim that they are trying to make MLP:FiM more closer to Lauren Faust's vision, and they are against Hasbro's actions towards Twilight the Unicorn/Alicorn.


Go to these websites, and post your views on the ideology and thoughts of this group.


Thank you.

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It seems like they just can't accept that the show changes sometimes. Looks like they're primarily hung up on alicorn Twilight. I'm of the opinion that the show isn't drastically different than what Faust was going for. I think she would approve what the show is now, but I can't know that.


The group seems respectful of bronies who don't agree with them though, so I suppose they can do their thing. It's silly, but whatever.

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I certainly didn't like twilicorn and am still not fully sold on it though I take a more neutral stance now the difference between me and them is the fact that they feel it is worthy to create an entire group over while I don't. The groups do seem fairly civil and respectful though, so I guess I will just leave them to their thing. I do agree with them that Hasbro has done some rather stupid things and the twilicorn thing (you know this was their idea and not the writers) was one of them but the writers still have a shot for making this concept born a bastard work out. My personal opinions on Hasbro are mixed though, they are not perfect little saints but they way way better than most companies.

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Well, i'm not going to stop these guys, but as Derp My Life stated, this is ultimately Hasbro's property, and whatever they say goes.


Still, i'm honestly a bit curious as to what these groups will do.

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