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What kind of brony are you?


What Brony are you?  

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  1. 1. So, what is it?

    • Closet Brony
    • Hipster Brony
    • Moderate
    • Artist Brony
    • Shipper
    • Other

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Artist Brony and Other.
Over 99% of what I enjoy that comes from the fandom, is the fan art. Or I create my own personal stuff.
"Other" because I see myself as a hardcore fan too and I also collect about everything (that is cheap) I can get my hands on. :wub:

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I would consider myself an all rounder and out in the open pegasister type. I watch the ponies. I draw the ponies. I collect the ponies. I socialise about the ponies. I write about the ponies. I draw the ponies and I ship the ponies. All of which I do quite casually. :catface:

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I am an "artist brony" who enjoys making signatures, profile banners and other things. :darling:

 My avatar does look pretty hip with her cool sunglasses, though. B)

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Not really sure. I don't make art and I usually don't ship ponies, but I guess I'm a normal brony in which I would pick the moderate brony type, since it's closest to what describes me.

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