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MLP Friendship is Magic Comic Issue 21-22 review/ opinion (no spoilers

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:catface: Hi everypony  :) I found that these two issues were really interesting and here why B)
first things first, the art style was done by Agnes Garbowska, to me his art style is very soft and warm to look at; no rough but bold edges to his drawings which really makes it pop visually. :muffins:
The main characters featured were Applejack, Apple bloom, Rarity, Babs Seed, Fluttershy and Trixie.
The characters were all presented very and in character :lol: I personally loved the moment between Trixie and Babs in issue 22; when they were in disguise at the museum , it had a very good strong message and was sweet.  ;) I think after this arch Trixie could been seen more in the comic as a good pony and hopefully in the show as well.
The mystery element was well done B) The story was about a diamond theft in manehatten, they was stealing loads of jewels from museums and its up to the gang to find out who it is and prove Trixie innocent. :o
out of 10 id give this arch a 7/10 :) if u like my reviews please say if I should do more, or give feedback if you like :smug: see ya soon x


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