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Derp My Life's Ultimate Art Thread.


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I've started an art thread and a sketch thread before, but since they're both under my previous username, I figured I'd just go ahead and create this third and final one.

In this thread, I'll post most of my stuff, excluding erotic pony material with the crappy forum rules being what they are.
I'm going to include some of my non-pony work, but most of it is going to be pastel equines, so I can't be bothered to create two separate threads just for that purpose. This includes pencil sketches, drawings, digital and traditional paintings, sculptures and much more.
I will also be offering criticism and feedback to anyone who's interested.
If you'd like my opinion on an art piece of yours, send me a personal message, and I'll get right to the bottom of it!

Now, without any further ado - which I believe is old English for "without any more bullshit" - here's some art!















I'll be posting new material on this thread every day or every other day, mostly to keep myself occupied, as I have been slacking off with my art as of late.





Small, one-minute sketch I made just now.
I do so love gel pens. They're the best possible tool for speedsketching in my humble opinion 
:wub:  :muffins: 


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Oh, oh, so joining this! I have been meaning to message you about your awesome art! I looked through it on dA yesterday but... Things came up... And I got a bit busy... But yeah, I am following this  :wub:


As I said before, I'll be posting every day or every other day.

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I've been kind of absent, haven't I?

Iv been following you on DA even before your absents.  :catface: 

You've been here the whole time to me.  :muffins: 


That and Im extremely absent from the forums these days as well so, I probably wouldn't have noticed...


Never the less, I still find your work enjoyable eye-candy. 

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I wonder what Derpy's crying about in that headshot picture up there; the one with the rose petals.

From the description on deviantArt:


"After years upon years of torment from other ponies because of her clumsy nature, and skewed eyes, she's finally come to terms with- and accepted herself as the truly beautiful being that she is. Her mind is perhaps simple, but in simplicity, often lies beauty that escapes the notice of those with shallow minds.

I find "Derpy" indescribably beautiful. There's this certain vulnerability and purity of spirit to her that fires all the protective instincts in me, makes me want to cradle her lovingly, and whisper reassurance into her ears."


They're tears that stem from inner peace with oneself. Tears of happiness.

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