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OOC An Unexpected Trip to the Human World Reboot (OOC)(On Hiatus)

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Let me share my honest opinion here. The last time this role play went on, it lasted a year or so. You need to be prepared to have this go on that long. Quality posts are something I personally believ

Sorry about all the empty promises and delays. Things came up and are keeping me from posting. I have a several hour car ride to New York tomorrow, which I might be able to post during, or at least wo

@,@@Pripyat Pony, @, @@00Pony, @, @, @@SilverHeart, @@Gloomfury, @@Windbreaker, @@SilverHeart, @@GeneralDirection, @@Firehearted, @Miss Reaper,   Real sorry for the wait, everyone! with fingers cros

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@~The Snowy Wolf~

Holy smokes, this thing still exists! I do miss the good ol' days of RP. This one would be perfect for myself, I feel. I am much more literate than before, too. I have some time after classes where I could respond. I don't remember where we left off though! It's been three years... I mean, I did leave early, but I'm still into it.



Holy crap, I didn't even say I left this thing. I just dropped off the face of the earth. What is wrong with past me? What a dick. I should have at least said something then.

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Heck, I almost forgot this existed :confused:

I did love it while I was part of it, though! But I think if we ever pick this up again, we might have to reboot the reboot haha....

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