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Shoutout to bronies in "My little Pony Friends" music video?

Miss Pinkamena

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So on their youtube channel, Hasbro Studios Shorts released a music video for a song titled "My Little Pony Friends", which consisted of all these different clips from Equestria Girls.      Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/user/HasbroStudiosShorts


So anyways, the bronies claim to "love and tolerate" the fandom/MLP itself, right? Well, in the video, practically the same words are sung at  1:39, when the lyrics say "we love and tolerate".   So, what do you guys think? :huh:  Is this a shoutout to bronies or just a weird coincidence?

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Well in Equestria Girls it was a shout out curtsy of Lauren Faust. I'm not sure with the other one for sure. It maybe a shout out or just merely a coincidence, due to the Equestria Girls song having a shout out in it.

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