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Hi guys! I've never made one of these before, but I'm glad to be here!


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Well,my adventure on this fandom started on July 31st of 2013,when I first watched the show,but I needed another week before admitting that I liked the show.After that,I started to enter more and more inside the fandom,until,on November from the same year,I found this place,where MLP related discussion and another random shenanigans,but I waited a month before finally deciding to join this forums.


Just if you don't know me already,my name is Lightwing,and I've been here since December 31st of 2013,wrecking havoc and screaming that Applejack is best pony,and yeah,my favourite pony is Applejack,followed really closely by Rarity and Rainbow Dash.(And Sea Swirl <3)


About me,I'm just a normal guy,who passes his free time trying to make of this place a bit more interesting one,plays Forum Games,and,whenever he sees one of his favourite ponies being bashed,starts to write walls of text of why are you wrong,and I'm right.But when i'm not here,I play lots of game on Steam,and I download emulators from old consoles very frequently,to play classics 


I tend to go on steam as Fastrun97(an old nickname from when I was younger),and on skype as Lightwing19,so if you want to poke me,send me a message through any of those places(even on MLPForums),and I'll try to give you a conversation that you won't forget soon.

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