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Seeking musicians!


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Musicians of any sort: dubstep, techno, electronica, dance, classical, folk, whatever… Well, actually, not whatever, as I do have something specific in mind, but the point is it that I don’t have a preference as to what instrument you specialize in.

I’m interested in publishing some MLP:FiM fan songs, but am unable to do so without the assistance of a musician. While I can write decently, I have absolutely no skill when it comes to the composition of musical notes.

So if you are a somewhat competent musician looking for an unpaid job— or a volunteer songwriter, I suppose— I’d be most appreciative of your shooting me a PM or, well, just posting here.

To have an idea of what sorts of things I write, here is a folder containing my few completed songs… yes, there are only two at the moment, but I’m working on more.

Assistance in writing would also be great, but a music writer is my current priority.


Eee, please be kind when responding to this, as this is my first time doing anything of the sort and I hate to admit that I’m a little bit nervous. 102.png

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