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There were those who thought that Celestia and Luna would live forever. It was not a terrible assumption.They'd lasted a thousand plus years, and showed no signs of wear and tear! They were the most powerful alicorns to ever grace the lands. There was no indication to most that they were not immortal. The closest they'd ever come to losing their glorious leaders was when the Changelings attacked Canterlot.She'd been attacked, overwhelmed even, but she was back on her hooves by the end of the day. No need for alarm. Was but a scratch.


So they thought.


Queen Chrysalis had planned for the eventuality that she could be beaten. A million things could have gone wrong with her plan and, of course, they did. So, the spell that she had released would seem to do little: daze the Princess, put her out of commission, but all and all she would live. 


For a time.


The spell caused a horrible cancer to grow through her body. It was painless, a completely unnoticeable killer. The first sign of any danger came from a cough. By the time the Princess was coughing up blood, the cancerous disease had spread to her heart. There was nothing that could be done. The Princess' heart failed, and most thought it was the greatest tragedy of the age... that nothing could out do it...


They were wrong... with The Princess' sudden absence, and without unicorns who were trained and prepared to take over her role like ponies had before Celestia's rule, the sun halted in it's orbit, looming over it's ponies.







Neon Glow had been standing on his balcony for some time, a cold look cast upon his face. He had been watching over the city of canterlot, the city nearly still as the sun hung above, motionless as the ponies. Even though the princess had only died withing the day, Neon could tell that all equestria knew about the death. His cabin on the mountain looked over most of the land, and he couldn't spy the usual trains going on their usual routs. In fact, he hadn't seen anything besides a few pegasi all day. He wondered which was more disturbing: the princesses death, ot that the sun she had controlled had stopped dead above them all.

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