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About last week, I found out something. My comic has tons of problems, but, before I continue with that,


let me say something. I think it was 2005 when I first actually started drawing my comic. Back then I


didn't know anything about comics or drawing in general. And honestly, all we were doing was


decorating a folder to put class work in. So I sat down and I starting drawing! First thing on my mind,


DBZ! So I tried drawing that, and failed horribly. But after awhile I kind of started getting ideas; like for


instance, I tried to draw a saiyan (I hope I spelled that right) and said to myself, "he should have blonde


hair instead", and so I give blonde hair. After awhile I started drawing this character more frequently


and named him Jack. AND SO! A comic was born! Sort of. I made a whole booklet of pages (15-20


pages at best) and let my teacher read it. She loved it, and even took me to show to the preschoolers.


They also loved it, even though there was tons of violence...and words like "stupid", "shut up",


and...."stupid", but I still call that a VICTORY!!!


After that moment, I decided I was going to keep doing this. And so, over the years I made at least...3


comics...most of everything else was random comic titles I drew. Over time I lost them, due to problems


with life, and people telling me I can't draw for crap, yeah...Anyways, I got the drive to improve; along


the way I met people who would help me do this. I had gotten good at drawing comics and making


characters. From Jack all the way to Alix, which I later respelled to A-Lex, I began drawing my new


comic! Course, at the time I was drawing three long panels across the whole page, trying to imitate


sprites from videos I watched, and show all the action. Later on I dropped it by "Episode" 7: Evil's Reign


(great name huh?) and tried to go by normal panel setup, which I did pretty well, and improved some




By the time I graduated Middle school, I made at least 12 1/2 Chapters because I was starting to lose


interest and became lazy, and the story was pretty non-existent. Eventually in High School I rewrote the


entire story with a friend, and named it "A-Lex Seivin: Neyon Warrior". But certain things kind of stopped me at some points, like story, drawing skills, and school work. This all leads to up to College, where I


got a HUGE wake up call to my ego. I realized I still had stuff to learn and I can't stop at my current


state. After my first year of College, I took the time to rethink some things, work on my drawing skills,


and try to work on my comic. I spent most of the summer drawing and hanging with friends and family,


so it was a cool summer.


Now the present time; the realization hit me about my comic, it wasn't good and had tons of 


problems. The news came from my friend Jeremy and my little brother, who pointed out pretty much


everything. I honestly don't want to start over, I've been working on this comic for so long and I really 


thought that this was it, THE BIG ONE! My moment of victory! But, when I think about it, most of the 


new story was all improvised. I had a script for most of it, but after that I just improvised the rest of the 


way thinking, "Yep, this sounds perfect!". Yeah since I'm in college, I can't think like that all the time. I 


have to plan thinks out and write it out, which I've started doing now. All in all, I'm a little disappointed 


but also glad. I feel in a way, refreshed, I can start over and try again, making my comic probably better 


than before. I want people to read this comic and say, "this is really good", I want them to remember it, 


even when the story ends and when it does. I'll make more, maybe just as good or better. Before


that I started doing this to get noticed or famous, now all I want is to make a great story, and try my


hardest to doing it. Hell, I even said I'd make my own company, which is an unrealistic goal and pretty


difficult to do, but I'll try it anyway....in a few years...


So yeah, I feel brand new! And kind of old...does that happen when your 19? So that's my story! My life


so far. Hope this wasn't too long...and probably boring. Thought I'd just talk about it and stuff...


Also, I wasn't sure where to put this thread, it was either life advice or discussion.

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