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Horn filing?


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In Green Isn't Your Color, at the beginning, Rarity takes Fluttershy for a spa day, and in one scene, one of the spa sisters uses a nail file.....on Rarity's horn. Yes, horn filing is apparently a thing. But why? wouldn't filing a unicorn's horn be harmful? I don't think a unicorn horn is like a fingernail.

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its a possibility they get pretty sharp and need a filing for safety reasons. I mean remember a unicorns original lore was to run threw people with evil in their hearts.

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well, it depends on how the horn is grown, and what it is made of. If it is made of cartilage then there would be little pain in filing it down or shaping it, as normally cartiliage does not carry many nerve endings. It could also be an external protrusion of bone, in wich case the outler layer would most likely not carry nerve endings as any use at all would cause mass amounts of pain.










And because she uses her horn like a spear, and you always gotta keep your weapons sharp.

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