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Request Request your 3D weapons here! (Not real weapons!)


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Hello evryone, If anybody want to see their own 3D Gun in live action, you can request it here!


I know how to model and rig 3d guns for engines.


Altough i only use 1 program to model and rig evrything, it supports alot of formats.


The program i use is: Fragmotion wich you can also make 3d animations for models with it.


The following things you will need to put in your post before i can accept your request:


1. the name of your weapon

2. what kind of catagory is your weapon? Like handgun, smg, melee weapon etc

3. how does your gun looks like? (Might be best if you post a picture of your costum gun (I would recommend using this site to make your own 2d picture of your weapon so i can make it in 3d, but a real existing weapon is also ok)


Thats all guys!


O and one last things: Your weapon will be made for FPS Creator X10, so once it done will post a preview of your weapon and if you want to use it ingame add me on skype: KRAKELINGCATcarnage

and then i will explain you futher details.


Hope to your new weapons!

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