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welcome to,...

Yasis Plushie Atelier



Hey everpony!

I'm pretty new here and wanted to share my work with you. Critic is always very welcome, cause I want to become the best I can :3


I sew Pony plushies for more than 2 years now, working with my own pattern and always happy to get some comments on my plushies <3 The pattern I use right now will not be used so long anymore, cause right now I'm working out a new pattern, to make my Ponies look a lot better! 

I also want to make a bunch more patterns in future. How about sitting Ponies or little cute chibi-Ponies?


A plushy always makes a good companion and I love sewing them! ^__^ 


I will going to suit up this topic by time, I've no idea right now how to make it look good^^'


But well, I'll show you something now!

You can found more pictures on my Deviantart or Facebook <3












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I am a plushie guy, and Rainblow Hash is right when he says they're amazing.


That being said there are of course some areas to improve.  I'm going to go through each of the three of them and point out some things I notice about the pattern you're using.




-The cutie mark is too small for one.  It should take up much of the hind quarter being shaped to the curves of the butt.  It might be an issue with the size limits on your embroidery machine in which case you might need to look at upgrading or reducing the size of your plushies if you want to get them show accurate.


-The mane is too high up on the horn.  If you look closer at a picture of Luna, it doesn't wrap around the horn, it curves to the side of it.


-The closed wing looks well designed, but it should be flat across the side, not pointing up.


-I like that the shoes and neck piece are removable but they should be thinner and more form fitting.  Experiment with using a single layer of fabric with a stiffened backing instead of making these objects plush.


-The crown should be taller and more noticeable.  This issue is related to the mane design though.


-The mane and tail both seem slightly small.  Try taking  a picture of your plush in a similar position to a screenshot and doing an overlay to identify sizing issues with the mane.  Alternatively, use the measurement tool in your photo editing program to find out the proportion of the mane to the body, and finding out whether yours matches in those proportions.


-The body pattern is fairly strong, but the legs look slightly off.  They may be too long, or they might simply be too heavily curved.  Maybe experiment with slightly less curving on the front legs and a slightly shorter hind leg?  As is there appears to be an incline that's not present in the show due to the size of the hind legs and design of the front ones.





-The cutie mark is the wrong color.  It's actually a whitish grey color in the show, so the blue thread you're using is very off.  http://i.stack.imgur.com/LkTgp.png


-Far too much curvature on the chest of the pony.  It should be curved, but the head should be more closely aligned with the front legs.


-Try a flatter design for Derpy's mane.  I like the 3d mane here, but it looks far too Mohawk-like for Derpy.  Her mane should be a flatter one with a more horizontal instead of vertical focus.


-Again, the wings are pointed too far up.  Lower the angle a bit.


-The eyes look good but there's some white threads going across the black of the eye that I can't see much detail of.  If it's there for the reason I think it's there, don't try and embroider both white portions of the eye at once.  Connecting them like it appears you did is going to leave that white thread very noticeable, particularly on a pony like Derpy whose eyes are such a strong focus.


-The tail seems to fall forward.  If you're not using any sort of wire in the tail for stability, I highly recommend you start.  It's going to remove a lot of strain on the joint of the tail and reduce the risk of your plushies having split seams down the line.  Look into a PVC coated wire option specifically.


-The head might be slightly small for the pattern.  Try increasing it about 5-10 percent in size.





The laying ponies are by far the strongest of your designs.  I really can see very little to critique on this one.  Vinyl's mane looks slightly oversized and the tail could be more heavily curved, but really it's a strong design.  Maybe play around with mane and tail tweaking on Vinyl, but the body pattern itself looks fine to me.  Only thing that might be off about that is the legs.  Due to the position I can't see how they look in a more standing position, so check that carefully against reference material.




Again, I'm just pointing out the flaws.  You do have great work... hopefully I pointed out somethings you didn't notice yourself so you can get some even more amazing work out.  Keep it up!

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Simon! That's what I call critic! Thats exactly what I hoped to receive. If someone points out, what I could do better, which I possibly didn't reconized my self it could really help me to get better.

I will absolutely try to implement some of your suggestions.


You said, Vinyl looks like my strongest pattern so far - that might have a simple reason. The laying Pony pattern is the newest pattern I've made so far and I was able to make it a little bit better than my other ones. My standing Pony-pattern gets used for more than a half year now and I didn't changed it much since I started sewing with it.

Right now I'm working on a new pattern, actually I've just the first version finished (it looks ugly q.q). I put it in Photoshop and put a base-vector over it to figure out, what I can make better. I will try this out next week and I hope to finish it until next week. It would be wonderful if you would check out my topic again then, to tell me what I could change.

I'm never satisfied with the manes a sew, cause of that I make them new for almost every Pony a sew.. I really hope, that my manes will get better soon q__q


Thank you!

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