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Caleb Rosengard

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HELLOOOOO EVERYPONY :D :D :D! Have you smiled today already????


Because things are going to get a little bit...

Spooookie Wookie over here.


Someone call Rainbow Dash! Because this is where we will share those peculiar stories of ours that very few people would dare to believe, stories that are not in any possible way beyond the stallion imagination, but surely are beyond comprehension.


Spooky Pinkie Pie Laugh Here.


Without further ado, I will share a story, a story my mother claims to be the truth, a story I chose to believe in because it was as well the REASON FOR ME TO BE ALIVE HERE AND TODAY!


Note: since this is a real story, I won't refer to myself as a filly in here:


If you wanna skip the introduction, the actual story starts down here:


All the events can be traced back to a single not so sunny Sunday, back in 1992. At those times, I was only a single year old, far from being capable of understand my surroundings or anything else besides my unstoppable desire of eating and sleeping.


I do not actually remember this day, I know it happened because my mother told me: that Sunday, she was alone at home, taking care of me, probably feeding me, since, as she recalls, this whole event took place in our kitchen.


My father was traveling due to business of which I have no memory of, and my ever so caring mother was feeding herself with a very simple idea: I will skip school tomorrow (she's a teacher) in order to take care of my son, this way he does not have to be left with my mother.


She had already made all of the arrangements for the next Monday when it happened:


My mother tells me that, while she was washing some dishes, she felt a hand touch her shoulder.


It couldn't be my hand, for I couldn't even reach her knee at the time, much less her shoulder.


And it couldn't be anybody else, for we were both alone at a fairly big house, which only helped my mother's ever rising fear.


She turned her back and her eyes met a bald man she had never seem before, he had a warm smile and a funny pair of glasses, as she recalls. For some reason, she was not afraid of this man she never saw in her life, just startled. Later she confessed she never fully understood how she didn't actually panicked at the moment.


The bald man said this exact words to my mother:
"Go to school tomorrow"


And that was all, he vanished right away, leaving my mother paralyzed and, according to herself, me crying at some point of the kitchen.


My mother decided she'd rather obey what the voice said: so she make all the arrangements for me to be left at my grandmother's house while she'd be teaching at school the entire day.


Monday came and things went as planned...

Until my mother got back home to find out...


Yes, exactly, our house had been assaulted during the morning: nothing was left behind: my father's then new computer, microwave stove, actual stove, fridge, clothes, EVERY THING you can imagine was taken away from the house, except what was way to big to be carried, like the piano and the wardrobe.


After asking to our neighbor, he said there was a truck in front of our home, and that the man on the truck claimed that my family was moving, which made everyone's suspect's go to zero.


And after the horror of seeing years of economies and lots of wedding presents being replaced by nothingness was gone, my mother could only remember of one single event:

She was meant to be at the house.
With a baby.
God knows what would have happened if they were to find us while robbing the house.

This is my supernatural story.

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I have to say, I believe in Guardian Angels.


When I was young, my mom, my brother and l went to a lake to go hinking and fishing. It was getting lete in the day, so we decided to head home. We pull down the road and come to a corner. The intersecting street is a declining hill to my left, so it was hard to see any car coming. We hadn't moved from the Stop sign, when I heard a voice "Brace yourself." I was very little, maybe 6 or 7, and I didn't know what "brace" meant, but I knew what to do, I braced myself away from the door, leaning towards the middle of our station wagon. We pulled out to turn right, when I saw the car right before it hit us, and I thought, "Here it comes." I wasn't scared. Maybe I was too young to be scared, or maybe I just knew it was going to be alright. The car hit us full-force on the side of the car I was sitting on, behind my mom. My mom was knocked out, momentarily, but I remember everything to this day. We spun 3 times. There were some older ladies nearby, who came to help and called 911. They were there, because there was an accident on the same corner about 20 minutes before. The firetruck came, and I looked at the car for the first time after the crash. It was totaled. I thought it looked silly, so I laughed. I didn't realize that I could have died. The firemen looked at me funny. They were probably concerned I was in shock, or going into it. They gave me and my brother teddybears. I kept mine until I was in highschool. We rode, I think in the fire truck, and I went to the firestation, until my dad could pick us up. I colored a picture or Ariel from the little mermaid with one of the firemen's daughter. She was a little older than me. She did a very good job at keeping me calm and collected, asking me lots of questions about myself. Dad picked us up, mom went to the hospital, because the seatbelt hurt her shoulder. 


This is pretty much all I remember. Oh, also I had a catipiller in a container. I think his name was Bob. I let him go at my grandma's house later that night, because mom didn't want me to bring him home.

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I remember a school trip to a castle around 6 years ago, it was in the nighttime when I saw the bathroom door open and a hand moving out of the door. I was going into the bathroom, thinking one of my classmates was in there, turned the lights on and nobody was there.


I also vividly remember a scene where our car hit a deer. We checked on that deer, it appeared dead to us, it was dead. When we got back into the car, it was simply standing there, no injuries at all, looking me straight into the eyes before vanishing in the forest...


Another scene was not that spectacular, maybe even my mind, but in the past few months I've seen ghostly figures around my house and I swear to have seen a ghost girl in my window (2nd floor). Weeks later a gaming friend of mine whom I have not told about this asked me if I had a little sister or something because in one of his recordings he heard a girl say "mother". The thing is: I don't have any sister, nor any girl in this house.

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I hope that f**er got what he deserved.


Anyways, here's my story that I told recently today because it appears there are so many similar topics going on and about these days :huh:.


I was about seven or eight years old.


I woke up in the middle of the night, and descended from my top bunk to the floor and headed to the restroom. *skips stuff* Once I finished, I walked back to my room. As I entered the room, I turned my head to the right for no particular reason, and then saw a small silhouette in the dark with bright green eyes, which was laughing at me in the creepiest of ways. I quickly ran into my parents room, and asked to spend the night there, but it wasn't over. I continued to hear whatever it was laughing and gurgling (or gargling) from my parents' restroom, and it appeared only I was able to hear it. After that night, nothing so daunting ever occurred to me again.

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well lots these stories are creepy as fuck so how about a much lighter tale.but first a bit of backstory

my grandpa used to work at as a helmsman and would often be gone for days until one time he never returned. ever since that there have been a few paranormal incidences (only one that I was there for)

one time my aunt was talking to someone who no one could ever see my mom ask who she was talking to. she responded "daddy" just then his old rocking chair started to move.

Well here is incident number 2. a few years later my grandma remarried and had 3 more kids. the youngest of the three kids (my uncle) was still a baby and was always staring at the old rocking chair and would always laugh like someone was making a funny face or telling a joke. well when he learned a few words (this being after my grandma got a divorce with her second husband) would always call the chair daddy and would cry if anyone would sit on or move the chair

This is the last one (atleast that I've experienced or have been told about) well at my preschool "graduation" there was an empty seat next to my grandma and I swear there was someone sitting on it.

well that's all I have for now maybe I should ask my mom for some more of these stories. or visit the old rocking chair (which is unlikely since its in a different city the opposite side of Canada that I live in now. but anyways can't wait to hear everyone else's stories

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