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I wasn't really sure since Bionicle had three movies AND comics AND a lego line AND...well the list goes on. XD.


But I am a huge fan! I know everything down to the actual kanoka discs to put into each mask! There's not much I don't know!


But I'm a huge fan and I want to know if there are other brony fans!


Also, I'm writing a story on FIMfiction where I'm writing the story of Bionicle with the MLP characters!







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Oh man..........haven't seen them in years, but hell, I used to collect them all, :D.  Really fun to play around with, however, with Hero Factory as its replacement blew my mind.  Bionicle was better and much more Sci-Fi like. 



BTW, not to move away, but you do know that Tabitha voiced the blue one in the 2nd and 3rd movie.

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Oh man, Bionicle... what an important part of my life. I got into Bionicle with the Toa Inika, and I've been hooked ever since. Stars was a sad end to Bionicle, but nearly everything else (didn't care for 2009) was amazing. Also, #returnofbionicle2015. 
I cannot wait for Bionicle's return, and maybe we could see Matoro again. He was my favorite Toa, and the only one to actually fulfill a sacrifice. It's a good thing I still have his Mahri figure. :) 

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(I love using that. In class I've gone 'Kohlii head'))


Yup........knew it since I first heard her, :D

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Oh man, me and big bro used to play with these all the time.


I don't remember much of the names, we had the 6 original toa, their first upgrades, the 6 bohrok and the bohrok kal, whatever the villains name was, the 6 rakshi (I think that was the names), kadok and gadok (spelling is probably wrong) and so on and so forth.


In other words, we had a shit-ton of Bionicles. I loved them.


Our favorite thing to do was where I would create a giant monster or villain and a group of henchmen for it, then he would create a band of heroes, and we would spend the next few days chronicling their quest to defeat said villain. My favorite was a Bionicle-ified version of the Jabberwocky from Through the Looking Glass, which stood at a pretty impressive 2'4". To this day it is still the biggest one I made that could not only stand on its own, but also pose without even using its tail to help balance.

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