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YetAnotherHeadcanon: My explanation of the Pinkie Sense


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According to this headcanon, the Pinkie Sense, as well as the Cheesie Sense and the Discord Sense, is a form of Chaos Magic. 

Since I assume that all three have the same cause, the same explanation, I will call the phenomenon "Chaotic Sense".

This Sense seems to warn or inform the user about the immediate future (sometimes indistinguishable from the present) in form of a body signals composed of involuntary movements ("twitches"). 

But how exactly does this work? 


First, let's look at what Chaos really is:

In a world of perfect order, without even the slightest  trace of chaos, everything would happen in a linear, one-dimensional way: Something happens, it causes another thing, which causes another, and another, and another, each link perfectly predictable and boring.


Now, in a completely chaotic world, one event can cause an infinitely large amount of possible outcomes, and space, scale, or even time has nothing to say about it.


In both these worlds, life would be impossible, because both Chaos and Order are needed for it. Some sort of balance between these two forces are necessary. 


Therefore, in a balanced world, as Earth is, and as Equestria is, one event can have multiple outcomes, but this amount is limited by the laws of reality. 


This chain of events is clear and regular in the past, what happened happened and that's it. 


Now, the future is something completely different: The random events, outcomes, reactions, and so on form a chaotic, unpredictable pattern.


This pattern seems, on the first glance, quite repetive, but it is not. 

In fact, even if the shapes, the events, resemble each other, they all are different, like snowflakes.

They are random, and this randomness is infinite in all scales, from the grandest events to the smallest.


Yet in a small area of space-time, it is predictable. You can say whether it will rain in ten minutes or not with some certainty, but when you increase this are to an hour or two, you are not so certain anymore.


And even if you have extremely sophisticated equipment to estimate the coming weather, you can't tell the weather you will have in a few weeks. Neither you can tell the weather of a far-away  place by the weather you have where you are.

This is because of Chaos: Everything loses its predictability on a larger scale.


But events in a small sphere of space-time around someone are very much predictable, and I think this is what the Chaotic Sense does: It "reads" the pattern of future events from the basis of the present.


Therefore, my explanation of the Chaos Sense is:

Users of Chaos Magic are extremely receptive to this pattern, and can receive the shape of immediate events. 


Now I have my own mind blown and can't think anymore. Thank you, Chaos.

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