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Searching School Camping Trip! (OOC and Sign-Up)

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RP: http://mlpforums.com/topic/108401-school-camping-trip-rp/#entry3014862


Once again, I have gotten so bored, that I resorted to creating a RP. (Second time this month!)


As you may have figured, this RP will be about a group of fillies and colts in a class who go on a camping trip together.


You can play a student or a teacher. If playing a student, enter your OC back when they were a child. About the age of a teenager, I'd say.


If entering a teacher, keep them at normal age, unless you need to make them old enough to be a teacher.


Follow forum rules and guidelines, and have fun!






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As a student. 



I would be the student that is either bullied for the challange or you know well enough not to mess around with him. Class doesn't really know much about him so rumors are more of the thing surrounding him. 


He is not trying to make friends, and is quite the bookworm. Also "comes from a noble family" and people making fun of his parents sets him off like nothing else. 

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@@Midnight Starfall


I will just point out that in Polish school bus hierarchy, the loosers/loners usually either sit up front or in the middle. And the more back the "Cooler" the kids are. Heh, well, we can say that nobody wanted the back seats. And since all the preferred front seats would be taken then my OC would be sitting opposite of yours. We could say she is sitting on one of the lonely 2 pony seats. 


And since: 

1. My OC would probably do things like this. 

2. If you chose the most empty row, then I guess all seats in the row of seats are not taken. 

3. I guess the bus just left not long ago. 

4. I don't feel like sitting alone somewhere without any other OCs next to me. 


I will sit on the opposite seats of the row where your OC is sitting. Muahaha

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@@Midnight Starfall


You ever been to a school trip with a bus? xD 


I don't know why, but I always had a bus rank system. It was not something that was really a system, it just happened. All the cool kids sit in the back and loosers sit in the middle, and the normal kids sit up front or in the middle. I just always had that. 


And yeah, same row, different free seats. 


@@Rainbow Eclipse


So we role-play as teens? But what kind of age of teens I am wondering? 16/17? 11-13 14-15? 

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