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What if the entire Mane 6 rode on an airplane?


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Yesterday, I made a thread that posed the question "What if Rainbow Dash rode on an airplane?" Now, what if the entire Mane 6 rode on an airplane? What if, in a trip to a faraway city like Manehattan, they decided to ride on an airplane? How would they react to the process, from getting a ticket to the ride itself?


I think Applejack would act a little curious to it all, especially when one considers the more advanced technology of the airplane itself. Pinkie Pie might be a little less curious probably because she had already ridden a one-pony helicopter.


Rarity might like it very much especially if it was a first-class flight with flight attendants, TVs on the back of the seats (if they have TVs in Equestria) and other such luxuries. Twilight Sparkle might be a little OK with it, if not interested in its technology and how an airplane works.


Fluttershy would probably be comfortable there, although she might be afraid that the airplane might fail to work properly. Rainbow Dash would very likely be bored of it unless she wants to rest and sleep while going through the air without any worry about danger.


What do you think?

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I'd look at it this way:


Twilight would probably end up reading a massive book on aviation and planes the whole time, and maybe ask the pilot and flight attendants a few questions on this history of aviation.


I can see Pinkie Pie bugging the living heck out of the pilot, asking him numerous questions at a rapid pace about anything under the sun.


Rarity would treat it as a "luxurious" experience, and enjoy every second of the perks of first class (who wouldn't?).


Fluttershy, for the majority of the trip, is freaking out, concerned with her own safety, being a good 10,000+ feet in the air, and trying to find ways to calm herself down.


Applejack, most likely, is asking Twilight numerous questions about flying and aviation, trying to wrap her head around it all. Either that, or she's just taking the new experience in and relaxing.


Rainbow Dash, I can see doing 1 of 3 things: either she's quietly and contently reading one of her Daring Do books to pass the time, sleeping underneath her shades the whole trip, or trying to convince the pilot to stage a race to see who's faster.

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This would be a really good episode! lost of humor and a episode focusing on each of the mane six's personallitys when being in a new experience.



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Pinkie would mess around with the flight attendant, and then getting stuck in the airplane bathroom after drinking too much apple juice or something, stash all the mints and eat them later, refuse to sit still, and possibly annoy the person in the seat in front of her.


Twilight would probably ask the pilot a few questions, and then just sit back and relax as much as you can on an airplane.


I can see Applejack either not caring, or being interested.


Rainbow Dash would insist on jumping out of the plane instead of landing.


Fluttershy would be scared, and probably unfortunately end up with a window seat.


Rarity would be squished, and would complain, despite refusing to buy first class because she wanted to be with her friends.


If they brought Spike along, he would be asleep the whole time.



I can see a lot happening with Pinkie. Everyone else, not so much. Lyra and Bonbon would probably end up somewhere in the plane, and Derpy would be the co-pilot.

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