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A crowd hosting idea for mobile devices?

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So, I have been thinking about implementing something into a project I am developing. Here is a diagram of how it will work:




The basic idea is crowd hosting on mobile platforms(because of the project I am developing). I am implementing another feature called voluntary crowd hosting, where a person can choose to crowd host on their mobile device. How it works is there is communication between the recipient and both the crowd hoster and the server containing the content. Both the main server and the crowd hoster(s) contain data. Whenever a recipient requests certain content, something will search for that content. If the recipient both allows content from the server and crowd hosters, the content search will display both the requested content that is available on the main server and the same content that is available on crowd hosting devices.


How this works is a recipient(or multiple) send a request to the server. The server, if requested, will then send a request to the crowd hoster's device which then download the data from the crowd hoster to the server. That requested data on the main server will then be sent to the recipient and deleted on the main server(unless the content is requested, which then it will remain on the server until no longer requested). 


Are the basic mechanics sound? The only problems that I think could be faced are server stress and an attempt to break the security of the system.


EDIT: The cool thing I find about this idea is if more and more people voluntarily become crowd hosters, then there is more server space. There are other things involved, such as if someone crowd hosts when their own hosted content will be recognized. Recipients can also be crowd hosters, so it would be a huge network.

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