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My Favorite Ponies


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OK: I am going to list my top ten favorite ponies!!!!


10: Applejack

9: Apple Bloom

8: Rarity

7: Scootaloo

6: Octivia

5: DJ Pon-3

4: Fluttershy

3: Pinkie Pie

2: Spitfire


What are your favorite favorite ponies?

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I've never made a top 10. I'm going to try:


1. Derpy

2. (Discord isn't a pony) Rainbow Dash

3. Sweetie Belle

4. Rarity

5. Fluttershy

6. Twilight Sparkle

7. Trixie

8. Scootaloo

9. Pinkie Pie

10. Shining Armor

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Only 10th? I thought your love for Pinkamena was stronger than that.




Let me revise my list for those who doubt my devotion and unconditional love for my dearest Pinkamena.


  1. Pinkamena
  2. Pinkamena
  3. Pinkamena
  4. Pinkamena
  5. Pinkamena
  6. Pinkamena
  7. Pinkamena
  8. Pinkamena
  9. Pinkamena
  10. Pinkamena
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