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Gaming Minecraft (Looking for Ponies to Survive with)

Sir Xarthas VI

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Hey all Bronies!

I know that before I've posted topics looking for people to play with on Smite, and other games. But now I'm asking for Minecraft.
I'm wanting to get at least 3 people to play with, that all have Skype, have mics, and are able to talk (on weekdays from 1000 to 1600 CDT (10AM to 4PM Central Daylight Time).
I would just want to do survival, no creative or pvp or any of that BS. Just normal survival (probably on Hard difficulty).
We'd be using the OreSpawn mod (plugin?) on the server, so we get extra gear, biomes, and dimensions to explore.
Ok, so that's it. If you're interested, PM me on here or reply to this. Doesn't matter which.

Fellow Gamer Brony,
     ~ Alicornification ~

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