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[Reposted] My Little Pony:Friends of Harmony (Voice Acting, Artists, Animators)

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[Note: I felt the need to repost this so I'm reposting it here right now and adding some new stuff]


Heya there everybody/everypony, PastelPetal here! :D


I have a fanmade MLP G5 show called "My Little Pony:Friends of Harmony" replacing the word elements in the title like in Elements of Harmony XD


Friends of Harmony is a fanfiction I'm posting on FIMFiction.Net and my FIMFiction account is Fire-Flare :)


The Mane Six and Spike are in the G5 or G4 point something (Don't worry, it won't be bad like G3.5) but instead of a Mane 6, there's a Mane 20 (Don't complain it's too many characters, the second episode will teach you all!)


What Friends of Harmony is about:

Under Princess Celestia's instructions, Brother and Sister Twins Twilight Sparkle and Duskshine,along with their friend,Spike the dragon,must go to Ponyville to supervise the preparations for the special event of the "Summer Sun Celebration"! However,the princess requests that they make "Friends" and Twilight and Duskshine however both aren't really the "Social" type. As their lifes suddently turn upside-down,both twins meet 18 ponies: Triplets Pinkie Pie,Surprise Pie,and Bubble Berry Pie otherwise known as the "Smile Trio" ,Applejack,Derpy Hooves,Applejake,Rainbow Dash,Vinly Scratch,Rainbow Blitz,Rarity,Colgate,Elusive,Octaiva,Fluttershy,Lyra,Buttersnotch,Doctor Whooves,and Bon-Bon. Twilight and Duskshine can't take it but when a wicked mare of darkness makes a ever-longing comeback,these 20 ponies must work together to defeat her and find the ever legendary "Elements of Harmony" Which are said to have been created because their purpose was they were created because one day,20 ponies,that go by each and every element in a way, will be born and meet each other someday and once they were born,they will be granted to forever live to guard and go by these elements and the elements will change shape as soon as all 20 earn their cutie mark at the very same time on the very same day. Twilight,Duskshine,and the rest go on the dangerous journey quest to stop the dark shadow goddess ruining the celebration to make  "The Night Last Forever!" On the way,Duskshine and Twilight soon get used to the 18 ponies that been causing them such trouble from earlier and start thinking all of them kind of acts like each Harmony Element in a way.........

Elements of Harmony:

Twilight - Magic
Duskshine - Confidence
Pinkie Pie - Laughter
Suprise - Acceptance
Bubble Berry - Still thinking, post ideas please!
Applejack - Honesty (I might change her element, I'll explain why when I edit this post soon)
Derpy - Determination
AppleBuck - Diligence
Rainbow Dash - Loyalty (I might also change it, I'll edit this soon explaining why because I have my reasons to change Rainbow Dash and Applejack's elements)
Vinly Scratch - Skill
Rainbow Blitz - Bravery 
Rarity - Generosity (Might change it since Rarity isn't really that generous in Friendship is Magic)
Colgate - Persistence
Octavia Melody - Inspiration
Elusive - Still thinking, please give me ideas
Lyra - Still thinking, post your ideas down below
Fluttershy - Kindness
Bon Bon - Patience
Buttersnotch - Compassion
Doctor Whooves - Still thinking, again, please post your ideas


Duskshine,Elusive.Rainbow Blitz,Butterscotch,Applebuck,and Bubble Berry and Surprise aren't my OCs)


For the Cutie Mark Crusaders this is what I got:
Sweetie Belle



Babs Seed (She moves to Ponyville in the series and is less of a bully)



and Button Mash


What's wrong with having 2 boy crusaders?


I'm not really including anyone's OCs unless I have a contest or something or auction and choose OCs that I like.


Anyways, I plan on to make this a actual series (without Hasbro getting mad at me for copyrights, EVERY SINGLE EPISODE HASBRO WILL GET THE CREDIT THEY WANT, SO EVERYONE CAN BE HAPPY! :I ) but of course, I need voice actors and actresses, artist, animators, etc


So here's the topic to show off your talents in any of those and become a crew and help me bring my fanfiction series right to life!


Voice Acting: I'll make a script with all the dialogue in my fan-fiction and link my fan-fiction to all voice actors and actresses and everyone needs to pratice theirs very often when you have the right time. If some voice actors and actresses are still taking long to pratice theirs, I will be patient and all voice actors and actresses are expected to be patient too (OR ELSE! XD) Only person currently choosing her character that I'm allowing is




I'll put requirements later for Voice Actors and Actresses later but the first one I'm putting now is you must add me as a friend on MLP Fourms if I choose you to work for Friends of Harmony the series.


Same goes for the artist and animators about being patient with me


(I will hold a auction for voice actors and actresses soon so for now, those of you who want to voice a character have to wait and many follow this topic to see when I edit this topic and open and hold up voice auctions)




For artist, I will upload onto this topic and on my DeviantART some art of the character designs


(In My Little Pony:Friends of Harmony, ponies wear clothing


What? I like the idea of ponies wearing clothing XD But I WON'T use the Equestira Girls design, most of the designs will be by me and what I think match the characters)


and I'll do sketches of comic panels of scenes from my fan-fiction which the artist can all outline and color and etc the panels

(The series will be in G4 style so don't worry about art styles if you want to be a artist)

The comic panels will also be helpful to the animators I'm sure


Proof Readers/Editors:

The series is in fan-fiction form and will be posted on FIMFiction.Net and my FIMFiction.Net account is Fire-Flare and the fan fiction isn't published yet but don't worry! I'll link it to here soon and will give all proof-readers and editors instructions later


Only requirements I can think of for proof readers and editors is to have a FIMFiction.Net account but I'll up some more soon!


Requirements for artists:
*Must have a DeviantART or if you can't have a DeviantART, just link me the picture and I'll post it in my DeviantART and will give you credit

*A FIMFiction.Net account

*Be able to draw in G4 style well and maybe be able to make vectors of the comic sketches I will send all of you

*Must be patient with me, I get sometimes hard homework and Junior High isn't all fun and games for me that much so must be very, VERY patient! Even if it takes like 20 days YOU MUST BE PATIENT!

*Must add me as friend here on MLP Fourms


As I said, the comic panels the artist will do might be pretty helpful for all of you, just use the comic panels and animate the comics in different frames. It's best if you have Flash Adobe and if there's any people who can make models for Flash Adobe Player out of my character designs, that would be needed and helpful!


*I guess Flash Adobe since most people make good animations out of it or I'll check out what animation program was used to make popular animations for MLP like the Children of the Night video for example

*YouTube to upload it and I perfer it if any of you are able to make a new YouTube channel name the channel "My Little Pony:Friends of Harmony" and there we can upload all the episodes, I'm unable to make a YouTube account so I would love anyone who becomes one of the animators to make a channel IF your able to and you MUST PM me the user and password for the YouTube channel!

*Maybe a DeviantART

*A FIMFiction.Net account

*Must be patient with me, I get sometimes hard homework and Junior High isn't all fun and games for me that much so must be very, VERY patient! Even if it takes like 20 days YOU MUST BE PATIENT!

*Must add me as friend here on MLP Fourms


I'll think of some more requirements and rules and make sure a lot of people can get included with this!


Anyways, I'm not sure what else other info to put and include here for now so here's everything!


Hope ya all have a good day!




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Hello, I would like to try out for voice acting. I just started voice acting 2 weeks ago so I am a bit new.


Here are some random voices (taken 10 days ago):



And here are some MLP specific impressions (uploaded this past Monday I think):



I have a bunch of audio clips I have yet to upload in both categories and also to replace others; and I still have more voices to try out.


Let me know if anything will suffice or if you would like me to try something

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I might be interested in voice acting or editing, if you want an audition, PM or reply to me, but I'll also follow this and wait for the chance!

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