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Should we get more revamped villains?


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   Okay so after Tirek during the s4 finale, I thought to myself, should we be getting more villains from g1. At first I was all for this as tirek because my all time favorite villain so far (much better than his g1 counterpart which I did not like) but then I realized another way this can be taken, why dont they use g1 villains base to make a new villain, like use the basic idea for grogor, but make someone knew based on him, or maybe a descendant, imagine if grogors son showed up and all like "you ponies destroyed my father" I shall have my revenge, So in short, Should we get more g1 characters revamped, should we get their offsprings, or should we get characters based on their ideas?

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As long as Hasbro still think of original villains, I don't see why not. Grogar would be a really interesting villain to make a come back in MLP: FiM considering that he is one of the most threatening characters in My Little Pony and Friends.

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