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My life sucks


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Okay, I am sorry, but I must rant about this. I cannot let my emotions be bottled in any longer.


Okay, so a year ago, me and my adopted younger brother moved to this mother-freaking-weird town. I'm not kidding. There is drama every other week. I am stuck as the librarian there, unfortunately, so I have to listen to this god-forsaken people trouble me every-single-freaking day. I also get really crappy pay. I have a younger brother who's adopted, as I said before, but I also have an older brother, but he just got hitched by some upper class girl and they moved into some creepy-shiny-ass town. I know, I have the shittiest luck.


Anyway, my crappy job isn't even the worst of it. It's my 'best' friends that I have to put up with every single goddamn day.


First off, we have the lesbian. She claims she isn't a lesbian, but basically everyone knows she is. She's all arrogant and thinks she's better than everyone else, and she's also as lazy as shit, but somehow she became the boss of her job. That pays well. She also owns a god-damned house that is practically a freaking mansion. Then there's also the fact that she is totally obsessed with her dreams of joining some stupid and unreliable police force, and I have to hear her babble about it every. Single. Day.


Next, we have the coward. She's basically afraid of her own shadow. She also owns about fifty pets. I'm pretty sure she's unemployed, but somehow she manages to pay her rent. I dunno how. She and the lesbian hang out a lot, so i'm pretty sure they're dating, but whatever. She also harbored this dude who was in witness protection or some other shit. I'm pretty sure she's a crazy cat lady.


We have the aristocrat next. She's a drama queen. And thus, she overreacts to every little thing that happens around her. She also likes going to the spa and putting on makeup and other girly, idiotic things. I'm forced into it. She owns a fashion line or something that is popular with the big, upper-class jerks, so she's basically rich, but she donates everything to everyone so she's basically forcing herself into poverty or... something. I don't know. My younger brother is totally in love with her, but she's gonna break his goddamned heart, I know it.


Then there's the mentally challenged one. I'm pretty sure she has been diagnosed with 50 different mental disorders. I swear to god that one moment she's a bubbly ray of sunshine and the next she's a serial killer. I'm also pretty sure that she does drugs and is high half of the time I meet her. She also stalks everyone??? I don't know. I gave up trying to question her.


We also have this southern belle who sells whiskey. She also cons everyone out of their money and owns a large-ass organization. She's rich and has a large-ass family that I met once and I, thank god, never met again. So yeah, basically all my friends are rich and i'm broke thanks to the fact that I pooled all my money for the large-ass library.


And to top it all off, I have to send in friendship reports to my teacher every week.



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Hey Shift, it could be worse. Last week I rescued this short, pale little guy with big ears, and I made the mistake of sticking around to talk to him afterwards. Next thing I know, he's completely obsessed with me. He's been following me around, asking me to put on a pink frilly dress so he can indulge in some cockamamie fantasy about witches or something. What a freak.


I've also got a girl with silky (and admittedly gorgeous) long black hair following me around telling me not to listen to the guy, but frankly, I didn't need to hear it from her. If this persists I might have to get the authorities involved.

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