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Is it really magic?

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I was thinking about the same thing. I guess twilight is the one that brings them all together, so maybe we need to redefine magic in that sense? Magic is the feeling of friendship itself? A combo of all the other elements, something that brings people together, helps them overcome their shortcomings, and accept others.

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Wrong! :P
There is magic in real life, it's just beyond the grasp of "simple" humans. 
The kind of magic you're talking about, however, works differently. Magic, the sixth element, is just an element of harmony. But the magic of friendship exists without the need of the elements of harmony. Equestria Girls kinda proves my point.

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I think the "magic" in "Friendship is Magic" or "The element of Magic" isn't the same as the magic of unicorns, alicorns etc.


"Friendship is Magic" is also true in our world.

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