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This is an acapella arrangement of the Mega Man 2 Wily Castle theme (I'm sure you've all heard it before).

I do acapella harmonies like this all the time and share them with my friends.

However, the main difference here is that I did nearly the entire thing while most of my arrangements last about 10 seconds.

I sometimes make my own harmonies, but here I stuck with the song, except I also did each part an octave lower as well as in the correct octave.

I do not think this is Smooth McGroove quality by any stretch of the imagination;


  • The audio balance is terrible
  • It's laughably obvious that I'm doing it in many segments
  • I'm probably off beat
  • My pathetic excuse for a beat is laughable

But let's not trash my work just yet.  You can all listen to it, and you can do all the trashing you want.

But most importantly, please enjoy it;

Wily Castle Acapella.wav

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