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Romance Fluttercord fan fic: My Flutters (Complete, quick story)


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Trigger Warning: Sad emotions :( may occur. Read at own risk. :okiedokielokie:


If you find any errors, please tell me!! :wub: This is a quick story. I may add more chapters if I feel like it.


Characters: ^_^ Twilight  ;) Fluttershy :umad: Discord


It was a mild afternoon, Fluttershy's pink mane blowing in the wind like usual. She swiped it out of her face with one hoof, and continued down the creepy path into the Everfree Forest.


She kept walking, nearly tripping over the same bulgy root that caused her to fall numerous times on this trail before.


Soon, when the sun was in low to the ground, the sky shining a marvelous pink and purple, Fluttershy met with the abandoned castle of the two sisters. She walked inside, and met with Discord, who had the tea and cucumber sandwiches already on the table.


"Good evening, Fluttershy," he smiled, embracing her.


This is where they met now. Nopony wanted Discord in Ponyville, except the Mane Six, after they he had betrayed them for Tirek.


So, Fluttershy came here to see her love.


"Hi, Discord," Fluttershy replied, still hugging the life out of him.


It was so rare they got to see each other now, since Fluttershy had became a veterinarian at the animal shelter, and she couldn't come all this way everyday anymore. It was simply to hard. This was the first time in a month.


"How is your job going?" Discord asked, picking her up and seating her down in her chair.


"It's wonderful." She smiled, taking a sip of her piping tea. "I get to work with all the little critters at work, and when I get home, I can play with my own little critters. Oh it's so great."


"That does sound wonderful," he said, agreeing like usual. He grasped his sandwich and bit into it, sending mayo on Fluttershy's face.


He tried to keep in his laughter, as Fluttershy tried to take it out of her mane.


Fluttershy simply couldn't be mad. This was his sense of humor: Seeing others feel the wrath of his "chaos." Besides, it's not like he meant to do it.


"Ha ha. Very funny mister." She took her napkin and dabbed it away.


"Isn't it?" Discord chortled.


Fluttershy did not look amused.


"Alright, you get one free shot on me. And you don't have to tell me when it's coming," he grumbled, but still in a quite amused manor. He perked up and leaned over the table to his companion. "You still have some on your face."


"Where?" Fluttershy asked.


"I'll get it." Discord locked his lips with her, Fluttershy surprised at first. This wasn't the first time Discord had kissed her. There was that one time he had been drunk on all that alcoholic chocolate milk, and he had gone bananas. But this time was for real. He knew he was doing it. He wanted to do it.


Fluttershy blushed, as her eyes closed. She felt his tongue touch hers, an odd feeling. Fluttershy twisted her tongue around his, until she felt the need for air, and broke off.


Discord said nothing, and returned back to his seat, a giddy smile on his face.


The mare sat at her seat, breathless of what she had just done. She had kissed Discord, one of her best friends in the world. Maybe they weren't going to be just best friends now.


Perhaps they could be more.


Twilght was just finished rearanging her bookshelf in the new castle for the eighth time already when a gentle knock came upon her door.


"Come in," she called.


Fluttershy walked through the door, only greeting with a gentle "hi."


"Hi Fluttershy." Twilight smiled. "Are you here to check out a book?"


"You're getting to be quite the librarian," Fluttershy complemented. Twilight had become a librarian a week ago, and was using her new castle as the library. Some days it was busy, and some days there were no customers at all. Luckily, it was one of those days, so Fluttershy could talk to her friend in peace.


"Thanks," the mare replied.


"Uh.. Twilight.. Can we talk?"


"Sure." The alicorn pulled a chair from the table, and sat Fluttershy on it. She sat on the floor next to it.


"Um.. Let me think how to come out with this," Fluttershy pondered.


"Take your time."


"D-Discord kissed me."


"Did you want him to kiss you?"


"I wasn't expecting it, but I did like it. It was just kind of awkward. Discord and I have been friends for a year now. I still remember trapping him in stone." She acted as if it were so long ago. "I don't know if I should date him. You're the only ponies in Ponyville who still like him.


"Well, Discord's lived up to his promises," Twilight said truthfully. "He's paid his time for his mistakes, corrected what he did wrong. He even helped us get the sixth key for the box. Sure, he's a little chaotic, but that's just his nature. After all, Discord is his name. I think the civillians are just a bit scared that he's going to betray them again. They'll get over it. I think you should date him."


Fluttershy thought about that for a moment. "Thanks, Twilight." She hugged her, Twilight blushing as they touched. She was always happy to help one of her closest friends.


The pegasus walked out, Twilight waving to her as she left.


Fluttershy got a call that night on her telephone, one that changed her life. She hated to hear the words, she hated to sad tone he said it in.


Discord had cancer.


"Tell them to check again," Fluttershy weeped to the draconequus over the phone. Her voice was barely heard due to her sniffling and wailing.


"I think they checked correctly, Fluttershy. They are doctors, after all," Discord croaked. "They say it's highly treatable."


Fluttershy said nothing, but only cried into the phone.


"Come on. Don't cry. My Flutters is a fighter."


Fluttershy wiped falling tears away with her hoof.


"You're my Flutters."

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