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Gaming 3DS games recommendations


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Monster Hunter 3, Mario Golf (I know, I know, but give it a shot. You may be impressed), Tomodachi Life if you're into Life Sim games, Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies if you like puzzle games. If Dual Destinies looks interesting, you may wanna look into the Phoenix Write and Professor Layton crossover coming out soon. I hear Fire Emblem is amazing, but I dislike turn based. Bravely Default looks adorable, and it is a lot of fun. A Link Between Worlds is one of the better Zelda games to come out in recent years. There's also all of the awesome virtual console titles like Punch Out, Metroid, and Earthbound.


Hope this helped.




A lot of people like Kingdom Hearts. That's a game on 3DS. I've never tried it though.

How could I forget about STAR FOX 64?! That's a great game.

And, of course, there is Super Smash Bros. coming out in October!

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Obligatory Pokemon *Insert one of 50 billion here* post


Anyways... Me & one of my friends here on the sight plan on getting the new Monster Hunter & SSB games once they come out, & I have a couple games of what I consider to be underrated gems such as Fossil Fighters: Champions & any of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games. I agree with an earlier post about Starfox 64, & I would add Super Street Fighter IV, but my biggest problem with any handheld game is depth & length; They never do last as long as, say, a PC game or Console game. I am not too sure about a lot of games, but I got a Nintendo fanboy who I'll show this thread too & maybe he can help you out (though expect a lot of Mario).

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Hmm, I too would recommend getting the new Super Smash Bros game once it comes out.

Other than that, The only games I have are Pokemon X and Super Mario 3D world (which I got for free)

They're pretty good.

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Depends on what you have already, but here's what I'd recommend from highest to lowest priority:


Super Mario 3D Land

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Pokémon X/Y

Kid Icarus Uprising

Fire Emblem Awakening

Shin Megami Tensei IV

Virtue's Last Reward(play 999 first tho)

Resident Evil Revelations(depends on if you have it for another platform, but it's worth seeing run on 3DS alone I'd say)

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate(unless you already have it for Wii U, if you don't have/can't get a Wii U anytime soon than get it for 3DS asap)

Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater(if you have never/ have absolutely no other way to play it, the 3DS version does have some control advantages though if you use the CPP)


Doesn't get much better on 3DS than these games. :D

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The one I'd recommend the most is Super Smash Bros. coming in October.


There's also the Pokémon series which can last hundreds of hours. If you want platformers, there's Mario, Donkey Kong, Kirby, and Sonic. Fantasy Life looks like an interesting game too. And there's Fossil Fighters: Frontier which is kind of like Pokémon but all the monsters are dinosaurs, it's more complicated, you revive fossils, but not as much exploration.

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Legend pf Zelda: a link between worlds is a darn solid experience. The adventure, the dungeons, the puzzles. Its a great 20 hour experience and probably my favourite game on the platform.


Another decent one is monster Hunter 3 ultimate, I've sunk nearly 150 hours into that game and loved it. Though I would recommend you read up on it first, it really tests your patience sometimes so you need to decide whether its worst buying


Also, let us not forget the up and coming smash bros. That will definitely be a ‘must own‘

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Pokemon X/Y

Shin Megami Tensei 4

Devil Survivor: Overclocked


Ace Attorney Dual Destinies*

Ace Attorney x Prof Layton

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy**

Kid Icarus

Bravely Default

Mario Kart 7


*If you have IPhone or IPad, grab this there instead, Full experience cost 20 dollars before tax. 3DS price is 30 dollars

**I just realized that this is the last installment. No more Professor in the future  :(

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Here are the 3DS games I can recommend right now:

Super Mario 3D Land - Best portable Mario to date, IMO.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 - I feel NSMB Wii and NSMBU are better, but I still really enjoyed it.  The dlc was neat.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star - I don't care what others say: this was a fun, funny, and creative little adventure RPG.  I think others give it a hard time because it isn't Thousand Year Door...  But so what if it isn't?  Also think some ppl got stuck - no pun intended - often and became frustrated.  I didn't have all that much trouble with it.

Mario Kart 7 - Unless you own a Wii U, in which case I'd recommend 8 (there's even some wacky dlc on the way for 8).

TLoZ: A Link Between Worlds - Better than A Link to the Past.  THERE, I SAID IT!

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D - I got it for free, but you'll have to pay. :P

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity - Notice how this is here and Y isn't???  I like this game more than main series Pokemon titles.  Whaaaaat!??!  Blasphemer!

Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan - If you like sometimes brutal dungeon-crawling.  I was hardcore addicted to this before I got Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Wii U.  Then my addiction passed over to that lol.


Here are the 3DS games I most want to own in the future:

Super Smash Bros. - Surely a must have.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - Early 2015.

Kirby Triple Deluxe

Fossil Fighters Frontier

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