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Anyone around from the old Synchtube back in 2011?


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Was wondering if there was anyone around from the old synchtube back in 2011. 


I made a post a few months ago but never re-posted back in discussion... so here I am.


For some context, I'm the guy who made the original synchtube back in 2010. A lot of the original synchtubers were bronies, so i always felt somewhat close to the community as the MLP was the first to popularize the idea of synchtub-ing.


After I shut down the site, I never really got to network and meet people from the site... something I've always regretted.


I just wanted to see if any of you guys were still around...

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That name sounds really familar.

and yea, I was only on there once but it was rather fun. And I would check out /mlp/ and other forums, as this forum has a ton of great people, but most fans here come from around late 2013-now so I don't think to many /co/ originals are hanging around here.

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