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Has Luna Finally Found Her One True Place?


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1,000 years ago,Luna, jealous of the praise and adoration her sister recieved, turned into a wicked mare of darkness and attempted to take the throne.
Now, she's back, but she seems to have taken a different role. Outside of official public appearances and the events of Luna Eclipsed, she doesn't even seem to interact with the public. Instead, she spends her time in the shadows, helping the younger generation. We haven't seen any of the bitterness she originally held for her sister. 
Question: Do you think Luna has finally realized she needs to stop trying to be her sister? Is it possible that, in doing so, she finally found happiness?

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Simply, yes.


Absolutely, yes.


She has finally realized that she is the Ruler of the Night... but that, literal darkness need not necessitate vengeance, as well as that she is not her sister.  And, because the little ones are more in need of help amidst the night, she has found a path in helping them get through their fears.  


I love both Celestia and Luna equally, and I can see that they DO play equal roles.


[i doubt there's any need to explain Celestia's role here, so...]




Luna is the psychological/philosophical/sociological mastermind.  Not just a mere counselor, no... she's better, much better, than that.  She's pretty much a self-learned genius.  As she rises her moon, she herself arises, unto to night.  And should should the need come, she can sense danger or trouble inside the thoughts and dreams of her subjects, which, she in turn phases into them.  We saw this with Scootaloo, and with Sweetie Bell.


Some may [or may not] have thought Luna to have gone a bit overboard with her psych tricks in teaching Sweetie her lesson... but I... heh, I think what she did was abso-freaking-lutely brilliant.  She did what she had to teach Sweetie the whole truth about how Rarity had done most all that she had done out of love and for the right reasons, and that Sweetie hadn't known the big picture from first-hand experience.  


Now, the neigh-sayers (those who say the psych tricks went too far) would argue that, if we are to say that Luna watches over the night to relieve the ponies of their fears, then, why did she instill fear into Sweetie in such the way she did?  My answer:  fear is abstract - it can be represented in different ways.  Scootaloo's fear of [basically] not wanting to disappoint Rainbow Dash, in which Luna helped relieve... is totally different from the fear Luna instilled into Sweetie Bell to teach her the truth about Rarity.  It was a disciplinary action that I have respect for.  Besides, Sweetie wasn't in fear after all was said and done.


Annnyway... Yes.  Luna found her "North Star" - her guiding light - in which allowed her to realize her place, her equal but inverse responsibility as compared to her sister's.  







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