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Craft (Guide) How to make your shoes 20% cooler and 200% more fun.


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Hello, my name is mcminer2011. I'm here to show you how to make a pair of shoes about 200% more fun by adding Grind plates.


First, You're gonna need a pair of shoes you don't mind tearing up. Preferably an old pair of athletic shoes with a thick sole.


Second. You'll need some relatively thick plastic. I found that for solid plates: An old playstation 2 case works well. Remember, it needs to be somewhat thick(like a PS2 game case) AND flexible too.


Third, you'll need some poster board. This'll help you draw out the shape of your plates.


Step 1: Take your shoe and place it on the poster board. Next, trace the inside and outside of the thinnest parts of your shoe. These lines must measure about 4 inches in straight length for the best plates.


Step 2: Use an exact knife or other sharp object to cut the shape out of the board. Then trace that shape twice onto your plastic surface. The plastic should be large enough to cut two plates out of.


Step 3: Cut your plates using a saw or other serrated item. So long as it saws, you're good. Next, you're gonna want to cut about 1/4 to 1/3 inches into your shoes. I hope you have ones with thick soles.


Step 4: Slice off a layer of your shoes' soles. Based on how deep you cut into the sole and how thick the sole is, you may end up either cutting into the actual shoe or just cutting too shallow and not being able to fit the plate in without it slapping against the ground when you walk. Don't forget to test out the deepness with a plate you cut beforehand. It should fit just into the sole without hitting the ground while you walk.


Step 5: Glue your plates into the shoe and test them out. This is actually an easy part. Just don't use superglue or shoegoo(doesn't work on plastic, superglue is too stiff to use) I'd recommend either barge glue or Hot glue if you can't gain Barge glue. Also, the plates are gonna be sluggish if you're gonna grind in them so just cut some holes if you think their too slow post trial. Or cut some sweet grooves in them and show off.


Step 6: Enjoy! Whether you're just showing off your new grind shoes to look 20% cooler; or having 200% more fun just grinding, I van tell you this much, friends and strangers alike will most likely stop to check out your shoes. Just be sure to show off the grinding ability and they'll want a pair for sure!


Disclaimer: I claim no responsibility to the ruining of any shoes used to install plates. I take no credit for the original guide this one is based off of, or any trouble you may get into whilst grinding. Please take the necessary precautions before using any pair of grind shoes. A helmet and pads are recommended for a safe grinding experience.


All rights previously mentioned go to their respective owners. Shoe modification goes to the original company it was inspired by, Soap.

It is recommended to read Soap's disclaimer as well before attempting to use or purchase any actual Soap shoes.


Thank you for reading, and happy grinding!


Image notes: Left, Soap Sylon w/ BBK plate. Right: Nike crafted grind shoe, violet "zip" plate


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