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Which villains do you relate to?


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In a lot of media, we often find fictional characters we can relate to. Usually the heroes.

But are there any villains you relate to? Is there there a mischevous trickster in you? Do you wish for world domination?

Just post any fictional villain you can relate to. Pictures and reasons are appreciated.


As for me;

  • Shockwave from Transformers.


    Why? I'm often calm and calculating, I'm often driven by logic, I like the potential of scientific progress and I consider myself somewhat a scientist.

  • Cell from Dragon Ball Z.


    Why? I'm pretty indifferent about unfortunate events, I think quite highly of myself, I'm a bit sadistic and I'm of the stubborn type who refuses to give up.

  • Discord.


    Why? I'm rather mischevous, I like a little bit of chaos and I love having fun.

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Zaheer (Avatar the Legend of Korra)




and Two Face (Batman)





Like Zaheer I have strong opinions that are consider way outside the political mainstream and am willing to break a few rules if necessary. Of course the difference between me and him is that he uses violence to achieve his goals and I do not. And like Two Face I have long struggled between my light and dark sides though with Two Face his dark side seems to be winning the war even if his light side wins the occasional battle. The fact that he needs to flip a coin to make major decisions tells just how conflicted he really is.

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There are two that come to mind:


Grand Admiral Thrawn



King Sombra



For me, I can relate in that they are thinkers with a fair amount of intelligence. They plan ahead for any contingencies while still evoking enough fear to hold power. Thrawn is not a force-user while Sombra probably isn't even alicorn strength, BUT their danger comes from their intellect and planing.


Now, I'm not the fear & hatred type, but I can relate in how they think and plan a lot; even if my planning doesn't always work out.

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If I had to choose a villain similar almost exactly as me, that would be Scar, from The Lion King.


He has every quality a good villain needs, and goes to such point where you either love him or hate him. Or both. People around me feel this way with me, and I love it, and so does Scar.


We're both very intelligent and cunning. And manipulative against those who are inferior. I also do have an annoying brother, but I don't really care for him.


We both have a hidden strength and fury that does not need to be tempted, or threatened. We both know what's the best for me and my adversary, I know how to hit weak spots and win a conversation, and with certain ease. Just like Scar.


Scar is truly, in my opinion, one of the greatest villains of all time.




As if you're referring to MLP villains in particular, honestly, both Tireks from G1 and G4 combined are almost me.


Coming from the G1 Tirek:


-We both can get pissed off easily, but keep some level of patience.


-We both prefer darkness over light.


-We both don't share much power, but a lot of hidden strength.


Coming from the G4 Tirek:


-We both are very intelligent, manipulative and cunning.


-We both prefr to go solo over being with some annoyance with you.

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This prettyboy jerkwad right here:



Light Yagami from "Death Note."  As much as I strongly dislike him lol.  I don't relate to him so much because of who I am, but because of who I might become were I granted some incredible, supernatural power.  Give me a Death Note and I will write names in it. xD  Which is precisely the reason I should not be given one.  Unlike Light, I'm not egotistical enough to view myself as an up and coming god, and I wouldn't do things that made my presence and power known.  So I could quietly and secretly work behind the scenes for who knows how long.  *Turns on TV.*  "This repeat sexual predator, caught in the act by law enforcement, was set free on a technicality today..."  *Grabs Death Note.*  Yeah.  He's goin' bye bye, and it ain't gonna be as pleasant as a heart attack.


I think I answered this topic wrongly lol.  It became more of a response to the unasked, "What would YOU do with a Death Note?"  Sorry. ^^;

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Hmmm, well I am quite jittery and unpredictable, I can get quite angry when I am wronged or told I am stupid or insane, Quite hyper and if I want to, I am determined to get what I want. Being loud and laughing at even the most serious of situations is also something.

I would say Vaas Montenegro from Far Cry 3 I can't really think of any others  :P


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