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Web I could use some help. Sites tracking me.


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I know it's kinda silly to use a pony forum for this. But I really am not comfortable asking anywhere else. I've been using Avast antivirus (the free version) for a while now. It comes with this little thing on your browser that will tell you if anything tried to track you. Well, that has been kinda useless. Since nothing was trying to track me.


 But now it's telling me it's blocking a bunch of different things. Here on the forums it's telling me it blocked Facebook, Doubleclick and New Relic. It's also been blocking some things from Google and other various stuff on other sites. I did a malwarebytes scan and found nothing, and the Avast scan I'm doing has also found nothing.


 I'm not having any actual problems using the internet or anything. So, I'm just asking if anyone could help, or if I should be worried? I'm not sure what's caused this.


 Edit: Still nothing. The scans didn't find anything. I'm thinking there isn't an actual threat. It'd still be great if anyone could tell me anything though.

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