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"Does anything matter?"

A strange mist whirls around in the empty streets

"What am I turning into?"

Your heart was rushing

"Where is everypony?"

Your head whirled with thoughts.

There seemed to be nobody, no animal, only the empty streets. You are alone, after waking up and finding out there seemed to be nopony and the houses torn up and beat, you only relay on one goal, to find out what happened.

No sign up is needed, if you truly want to, you can post your chars link at the OCC

Rules/OCC/Beginning intro are here: http://mlpforums.com/topic/109144-nothing/

Note: I do not own the image.

Please read the rules before joining. Thank you. :)

Welcome to the Roleplay of Nothing! :wub: This roleplay does have a start, a middle, and a finale. All of those will happen at planned times, which means the beginning means only minor clues which shouldn't be found, the clues that can be found will be posted on the OCC forum. If Nothing makes it to the finale, there might be a season 2 of the roleplay. Who knows? I hope that Nothing makes it to the finale. Loot, search, explore, team up, rob, hunt, survive. All in Nothing.


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flamestreak had just finished a practice flight around his house he was about to go inside when he realized nothing was the same. It seemed everypony in ponyville had just....vanished. houses broke, grass torn,  just destruction. "what the hell did I miss" said flame as he walked in the dreary streets of ponyville. flame tried deny he was alone but it was no use he HAD to be alone. flame hoped it was just a bad dream so he walked back home to sleep. when he woke the next day everything was the same house broken, torn grass, and utter destruction. so he decided look around and check houses, loot, and do what he had to do in this new horrible world. he knew he had to find out what happened or else he had a bad feeling there was no way he was going to live much longer. so he took all of his valuables and headed out ready to face what was to come next. right now flame hoped to just find ONE pony to team with to help him with this journey. but for flame just decided to thank his lucky stars that he wasn't wiped out like the rest of ponyville and just to loot enough food, water, first aid, and even weapons. "there that should last a least a month" said flame "I hope" said flame as he set out on this new journey  

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thunder clash was in his house sleeping until he heard a loud bang down stairs about 5 minutes later he heard another bang he looked out the window to see a red Pegasus with an orange and yellow mane clash wanted to see where this Pegasus so he flew up through the chimney this left him completely black from the soot and from roof to roof followed him. after a while of following him he fell through the roof of a house he thought that while hes here he may as well get some supplies so he looked around for anything he could find weapons, food, water and things to keep him warm he found saddlebag with apples in it so he took that and looked for some water he couldn't find any he found a sort of weapon a broken in half piece of wood he placed it under the strap of the saddlebag and flew through the hole that he made earlier he looked around for the red pony and saw him turn a corner clash flew to the roof the red pony just turned past as silently as he could but being silent isn't to hard for a foal.

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