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Any griffon ocs?


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Neither of these characters are mine, but they came to mind since I seems to know the EQE database quite well.





Golbez uses his Gryphon OC quite a bit.


Cool :) myself I'm in progress in making my own griffon oc (because I don't have time for requests at the min and the requests kind of take a lot of time) 



this oc is NOT yet named or anything and is NOWHERE NEAR DONE!!! but here mine is so far 



I've got a thing about drawing ears on griffons thanks to the fact if me always drawing ears on  griffons (the myth) in the past.





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I had the concept of a Griffon OC going for a while. They're just so badass, and I wanted to draw one.


Here he is, his name's Gold Rusher. He has a personality like an angry old trucker or war veteran. He's a veteran of the Golden Guardians, the Griffon equivalent to the Wonderbolts, now retired in Stallion Island in order to be close to Manehattan. Rusher serves as a kind of role model to both Wind Chaser and Vested Interest, but he smokes, curses, and has a short temper, and unfortunately some of these traits rub off on both Wind and VI from hanging out with him a lot (evidenced here).


He's still a WIP and I'll develop his character further, but here's a quick sketch of him I just made a few minutes ago:



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I'm considering making one. It would be a nice addition either the team at the Derbyshire Museum (griffon history) or an extra set of wings for Corsair's mercenaries.


Plenty of possibilities.

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