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Tattoos yay or nay?



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  1. 1. Do you like tattoos?

    • Yes, but it depends on the tattoo
    • No, they look awful

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So I was wondering what the majority of people here thought of tattoos? Its unfortunate though that neck tattoos are frowned upon in some jobs.


I think some tattoos are awesome depending on what they are of course. 


Examples of tattoos I like  















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I definitely plan on getting a chest/ribs tattoo when I am older, maybe more somewhere else. I just wouldn't recommend getting tattoos on the face, neck, wrists, or hands. Military and a lot of jobs don't allow that.

Yeah that is true def. true what you said there.

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I plan to get a few myself very soon (When I stop being lazy) 

Plan to have this one going up my leg

and this on my right shoulder 
Will add more as I get older 

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I'm planning on getting a tattoo: a Sitka Spruce tree going up my back (it's the prevalent tree in my hometown which I miss to pieces). Just waiting till I feel like I can afford it, and also find a tattoo artist I can trust. 

In general, I LOVE tattoos and people with tattoos. Tattoos and piercings are a big turn on for me.  ;)

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I currently have 5 tattoos, and I plan on getting more.

I love tattoos :)

I think that they're an excellent form of self-expression.


Yes, some tattoos are... odd and gaudy, but for the most part, they mean something to the person and aren't ugly to look at.


The only instance in which I think tattoos should be frowned upon is if the tattoos are all over the person's face, or in other places that could prevent the person from getting a job.

(Unless their a tattoo artist themselves).

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I love tattoos. Gonna get a bunch sometime in the future. I have plenty of ideas. A dragon ball tattoo, a hatchet man, a heart with my parent's name engraved somewhere, maybe something MLP related (such as a cutie mark on my leg), among others.

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Yay yay yay yay!! I love tattoos, I want to be a tattoo artist! i want a lot of them, but I'm very picky and kind of poor xD mine MUST be classy and aesthetically pleasing and of course meaningful. I only have two, one of them I did myself (damn scratcher I know, but I need to learn somehow!!)

I want to be a classy tattooed woman who's sweet and makes you feel comfortable when you walk into my shop. Tattoos are so beautiful, ive never seen anything like them!

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Well, I don't mind then, and I think they can look nice. I don't know if I'd ever want one, though if I did it'd likely be something subtle.


My parents though really don't like them, and they take a fairly religious view against them. XD

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I like tattoos but not every tatto.


1. Tattoos, which are only the picture and don't have any meaning even for the owner. Only beautiful picture.

Ok, it's pretty and cool, but we can look at this tattoo different, when we will older. Maybe, we could regret this... because it wouldn't for us anything special. If you will 40 years old women or men, and you won't regret this tattoo, it's awesome. But if you will. 

I know, you can remove tattoo, but it's wast of money and it's fair relative to someone who make this tattoo.


2. Only inscription.

It's stupid for me. Many of this inscription are funny, not profound, but stupid.


3. Declarations of love.

It's the most stupid tattoo how can you have. Nobody know if this person, who are in relationship is super special somebody (Especially, that, tattoos like this make very often teenagers). If this is your wife or husband declarations like this are ok. But only when it is very good done. Not only inscription, beautiful picture too.


4. Tattoos which mean something for owner.

I think, that every tattoos, which we make should means something for us. I think that, we will never regret to make tattoo like that. But only, when this tattoo mean something very, very special. Reminds us about some special moments in our life.

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Body art, if done right, can be very beautiful. Some people consider it a blemish upon the person, but for the more adventurous, and open-minded, it can be very pretty and very appealing. I'm saving up for a large tattoo on my back. There are of course, bad examples out there, ink people scarred into themselves on a whim, but i doubt that's the majority.

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