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war ponies


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so recently i've started drawing some war/violence related ponies:




and i know these don't make much sense since they of course study friendship and not violence but i can't be the only one who thinks it's cool to see ponies in fighting action! B)  after all, everyone loved the season 4 finale due to the epic fight, or at least most bronies i know of. i really hope they do just as good in seaon 5!

anyways, does anyone else enjoy making content like this? please let me know cause i'm really trying to get to know more bronies, artists in partcular ^^ 

also any sort of qritique is definatly welcome since i'm still a learning artist  :muffins:

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I think they look awesome. It'd be cool if they allowed to have like a bloody gory fight scene. But we have 5 year olds watching so tough chance :/ But hey they look cool. How would Luna look?

very true although i wouldn't make it to gory, and thanks!

luna, huh... i don't really know for sure. i'd picture her in a heavy armor type with superior weapons. she is an important person after all which means luna would get more protection ^^

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Ponies in fighting action are very cool, but many art with them aren't so good because of bad anatomy. Fortunately, your arts are amazing. I like Rainbow Dash facial expression

anatomy can be easy to screw up. but i'm glad you like mine!  :wub:

do you draw by any chance?

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