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Hi this is exactly what it is. A BIA rp. Based on the video game. Read below to find out about the rp rules and format.



No god modding

No controlling other people's characters without there permission

No ponies. This is a human WWII RP

Make 2 or more characters. One has to be a German.

We will be paratroopers

Age can not go over 29. Mine can cuz it needs to be

Rank can not go over sergeant. Pvt. PFC, corporal, sergeant that's it.


Follow RP character format like below


Name: Jerry Brooks

Rank: Staff sergeant

Weapon: Thompson

Side arm: Colt official police revolver

Appearance or Link: black hair, grey stubble, black short stubble

Uniform: This http://www.atthefrontshop.com/mobile/product.aspx?ProductCode=USCUWACI. Also his helmet has a net and paratrooper googles

Age: 34 (a man that old could fight)



Name: Felix Reimann

Rank: Sergeant

Weapon: STG-44

Side arm: Walther P38

Appearance or link: Blonde hair slicked back, blue eyes, round black glasses

Uniform: standard Wehrmact uniform, Wehrmact steel helmet, his helmet has a small swatiska painted on the back in black

Age: 27


2nd American:

Name: Darrell McKnight

Rank: Pvt.

Weapon: M1 garand with bayonet

Side arm: Colt M1911A1

Appearance or link: Brown hair, brown eyes, small scratch on his left cheek

Uniform: Same as first guy but no googles

Age: 20


Again you can make 2 characters. But if you want more just make another one. Also one of your characters can die. Its up to you of who dies or if any of your guys die. Now if you got any questions just ask.

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