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Movies/TV The AVGN Movie. You enjoy it?(Spoilers)


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I purchased the digital copy of the AVGN movie. It was an awesome movie, it had some issues but overall, the positive outweigh the negatives.I haven't been on top of the new avgn episodes, I sort of stopped in 2010. But this movie is awesome because it's like Jay and Silent Bob Strike back. James Rolfe created this universe where video games are reality and many supernatural things occur. I love the campiness and charm. It's obvious the special effects to some degree are bad, but James did an amazing job with just little over 1/4th of a million dollars.


I enjoyed the monster finale at the end and the guy in the suit worked. It felt organic and lively, like something was actually happening. James is an old school film maker and it shows. But the man knows true cinematography and I want to see more professional work from him.


I only disliked the Top Gun clip. Where the General is watching it and James recreated the famous "Outburst scene from 2006" I would prefer the original clip since it is funnier than the recreated one.

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I haven't seen it yet because I live in another country, but... C'MON. It's the fucking nerd. It's the movie of the fucking nerd. It doesn't have to be awesome, IT IS AWESOME.

I agree buddy, it's the nerd! He's even famous here in the middle east! :D wish i could buy the blue-ray or DVD port of the movie :/

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Didn't read OP thread for fear of Spoilers. Haven't seen it yet (I donated to it and got an autograph XD), but I am really excited. I do not expect Hollywood production, but better than his simpler videos. I've been a fan of his since 2008, and he never has gotten old....I will post my thoughts when I have access to the film...

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