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A Thank You To Everypony /)

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This is not so much a topic as it is (as the title says) a letter of graditude to all active members on the MLPForum. For the past few days, i seem to have been in a downslide with my emotional state. It is not that something happened or anything, but if you dont know i am Bipolar, and a couple weeks ago ran out of depression meds and still haven't been able to get refill, which i suspect is why i feel... faded i guess is the word. But more than that, what truely had me down for a few days is i started to doubt being a brony. I have a history of being quite cynical and i have wanted to change that about myself for a long time.

So in anycase, it had been a few weeks since i had last been on (last time i believe was the day after my dental surgery for dental implants) and i was beginning to feel desperate to find something to cheer me up, coming here was really what i needed.

I still cant believe how supportive this community is and i hope that if anything, it only gets better, as for right now i feel that its going to have to be the glue to hold me together for the next few weeks.


the thing that sucks about antipsychotics and antidepressants is that it takes approx. 3-5 weeks to get intergrated with the body and take full effect, so i know that im not going to feel any better for awhile, but i am so thankful that i have MLP to hold on to. And this community as well.


Thank you, thank you all. Don't wanna know where i be with you guys.

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I feel cool now.

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Hey a thank you thread! Haven't seen one of these since either I or Finest wrote one! :P


Yeah I used to be a real cynical bastard... actually no... I still am. I used to be full of hate... well that's still there but I substituted a little more tolerance now then... I used to be... okay so point is that I know I am still a cynical, critical, spiteful, empathetic, and probably according to most human beings an all around nasty personality


But do i ever doubt being a Brony? hahaha Oh HELL NAW!


I feel this site is helpful to me as well as everypony else! Here I actually feel like I can be a good person while in the nasty outside world (or at least where I live) I'm a mean spirited person. And this place ever so slowly is helping me become a better person! Will I ever be perfect? No! But I am certainly a happier person ever since I've found this site!



So your welcome! And thank you too!

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