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HiE fanfictions opinions?


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Human x pony is best romance.


Also it's fun to see humans interacting with ponies in general, bad or good. Or even a mix of both.


YES! Alicorn on Human 4EVA!!! :yay:





However. it's -from what i saw- the most despised and hated fanfiction genre in the whole fandom. Not even rape- and gore fics come close to it.

Especially EQD harbours contempt and hatred to Human in Equestria Fics.


Yeah...bronies really despise everything human related.



One of the reason why i never call myself a Brony.

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I like them quite a bit when they are well done. The hatred towards them is silly, they're just like any other kind of genre or story out there. They can suck, or they can be really good, or they can be somewhere in the middle. I think it's really interesting to see how humans and ponies might interact, whether those interactions be positive or negative.


 And I agree with the above statement. Human x Pony really is best romance.

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They are one of the most difficult kind of pony fic.


Main reason is if done well (for me something Like My Little Dashie) it would be a blast.


If screwed up, expect flamethrowers.


Well fiction is in a way for the authors to fulfill their fantasies so I don't see why people should hate these kind of fics. Who knows? Maybe one day fantasies can be true. Don't start bashing me for this, just my opinion.

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Yeah, there are quite a lot bad HIE. But there is a lot of very good HIE fan fiction too.


Plus stories about xenophilia love between two sapient species is really heart warming.   


And sometimes, it's even good to read a story about a bad human in Equestria.

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