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All was nice is the day of Mobius, the birds were flying, the grass was growing, etc.Then came the blue blurr known as
"Hey Sonic!I built something for you!"As Sonic cooled off from his morning run, he says,"Sup Tails, what do you got?"
The yellow fox known as Tails says,"According to how I built the portal, it should be a time machine."Sonic replys with a short "Cool!"As Tails starts to get the machine working he says,"I know you've been sad over the whole, Amy thing."Sonic replies, saying,"Yeah I know, but I'm over it."Tails says,"Well it should be working now, and you know what that means!"Sonic and Tails say in unison, "A new world to explore!"They jump into the portal.Immediately they starting falling to the ground."Ahhhhh!!"*Crash*Sonic starts to say something, but is then cut off by being smashed by Tails. "I never knew two tailed foxes weigh that much.."says Sonic."Uhh, Sonic, where are we?"says Tails. "I have no idea."says Sonic.They then take a moment to look at the scenery, they have apeared to have landed in Sweet Apple Acres."Sonic, do you see that?"says Tails."Yes I do."says Sonic.A country accented voice then says,"Who in tarnation ar' y'all?"The pony has apeared to scare them, as Tails yells.Sonic then says,"What are you?!"Applejack says,"Name's
Applejack, pleasure to meet y'all, I can take you to my friends if ya want."Sonic then says, "My name is Sonic the Hedgehog!"Tails says," My name is Miles "Tails" Prower, pleased to meet you." Applejack says,"Well now that is outta the way I can take you to my friends!"*Introductory sequence here*Tails and Twilight are in a techno babble while Sonic and Rainbow Dash are going to race.Sonic says,"3,2,1 GO!"They both race, going to Canterlot with Sonic ending up beating Rainbow Dash.Part 2 of Day 1 coming soon!

The End of half of Day One.



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12:00, Day 1, Meadow
The sound of panting fills the air as Sonic and Rainbow Dash fall backwards onto a small hill.
Rainbow Dash says,"That was awesome!"It apears that Sonic is starting to fall asleep.Rainbow Dash sighs and slaps him in the face."Ow! Why'd you do that!"With no answer, she pulls Sonic up and looks him in the eyes."Uh, why are you looking at me?"She proceeds to grin and Sonic blushes.They both then bring themselves closer, feeling a heartbeat close.Then their lips connect, after a few moments of kiss, they break the connection, and hug, looking at the moon.
12:00 Location of Portal.
(POV of Shadow the Hedgehog)
(Gah, Tails has made another portal, woop de flippin' doo.)
"Wait, what is that?" The portal has grown to consume the house, and Shadow gets sucked into the portal, along with everything around it."Ahhh!"......
End of Day 1.
More coming soon!






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Day 2:7:01
Rainbow Dash is blinking,waking up earlier than she normally does."Ughhhh."Sonic then starts to poke Rainbow Dash repeatedly until..."Alright alright!I'm up!"Sonic then says,"What took you so long?I've been up for the last 2 hours!"Rainbow Dash says,"You get up at 5:00 in the morning?"
"Hey,what can I say?I'm a energetic guy!"
"So what now?"
"I don't know,let's do some stuff!"
5 minutes later.
Rainbow Dash and Sonic are in the marketplace,walking around looking at things.
Rainbow Dash says,"Why did you ask to come here again?"
Sonic replies,"I like to look at items,I kinda have a weird thing with that kind of stuff."Sonic's stomach rumbles."Do you have meat here in Ponyville?"Rainbow Dash says,"Ew!Sicko!"Sonic says,"What?I need my meat!"
Rainbow Dash replies with,"Well if you must,you can....have some of mine..."
"Yes but-"
Rainbow Dash pulls a knife out,and hands it to Sonic
"Cut a piece of me out,and you can eat it."
Sonic says,"No way!I wouldn't eat you!"
"We don't have monsters that have meat on them,and when we do,we can't kill them,it would break Celestia's law."
Sonic says,"Huh."
Sonic's point of view.
I can't believe i'm about to eat my friend...I think
I draw the knife,and place it on Rainbow Dash's side,choosing the thigh area.
It looks so tasty,I can feel the drool running down m-wait!Why am I thinking of this?!
"You sure about this Dash?"
She replies,"Yes."
I cut a bit of her flesh off,surprisingly,she isn't screaming
I put that bit in my mouth.
"Mmm,thanks Rainbow Dash"
"No problem,I can just ask Twilight for a healing spell anyway."
We start to walk out of Ponyville and you know,walk to the Everfree to see if anything has changed,Twilight (is it?) told us that it would start to consume Mobius and spit it out here.

Has Tail's house always been here?(By the way,to all you readers,Italic is the character thinking.)

"Ah,you've arrived"


"Yes it is me!Shadow the Hedgehog."

"Let me guess,you're going to destroy me yadda yadda yadda."

"Oh look,you read my mind!And is that pony next to you?"

I sigh and say,"Rainbow dash,Shadow,Shadow,Rainbow Dash"

"Well i've came here here to destroy you,so die!"


A bunch of discs of light are thrown at Rainbow Dash and I,so we dodged!

I run up to Shadow and punch him in the face,sending him into the ground.

We then jump at each other and... 





                I just didn't feel like writing out the rest today so....

    Will Shadow defeat Sonic in the first clash between worlds?

Will Sonic be able to survive in this strange and new world?


Find out when I feel like writing again!


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