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Sakaki Yuya

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In a forum for a such an innocent, playful kids shows, I thought it would be.....natural.....to talk about a show that I consider to be THE polar opposite: Criminal Minds


Cue the tense intro!


anyway , CM viewers, let's discuss anything that has to do with the show, such as the upcoming season 10, favorite episodes, etc.


maybe do some pony stuff with it (would really like to see some ponifyed versions of the cast 

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@Sakaki Yuya,


Can't wait to see how she does!

cast says the she will play agent Kate Callahan, and for the first time in CM history, she will go uncover with the unsub to catch him


also: What ONE-TIME unsub is the most memorial to you in the show


For me, its Leland Duncan (The witch-hunter guy from In The Blood), just cause of his delusions.

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Can I just saw how much I love reid?! Serioulsy ! He smart, handsome and kind hearted!



But on a different note


Road 66 is my favorite episode.. I love the two combitions they put in that episode and how well they fit together.


I always cry when i watch the episode with the tornados but at the end when JJ reading Henry the star book it always gets to me!



On that note.. i am not happy about the new cast member... Saying that I have only seen the first episode of season 10 so maybe ill watch more and see how it goes.

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