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What would a reformed Sombra be like?


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Every day in the Crystal Empire will be Taco Tuesday.




Somber Sombrero was once a revered master at the Pony Poker Table Tavern among his friends in Neighxico. He and his friends waged crystals, as they were a rare find in the land of dry air and sand. He was as fond of the shiny, rare objects as he was tostados. One day, Sombrero, upon being denied his Green Card into the magical Crystal Empire, became enraged and enslaved the empire of Crystal, using ancient, dark magic passed down through his long and shady family. If he couldn't enjoy the land of crystals from his dreams, nopony would.

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I dont know why, but i think he'd hangout with Rainbow Dash.. just an odd feeling :/

Huh. Now that's a ship I haven't considered. :P I've always shipped him with Twilight or Chrysalis, depending on my mood, but that right there is one I think could work better.

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Maybe something close to this




This thing is from the IDW comic... I kinda forgot which chapter it is. The story is that the mane six had to enter a mirror dimension where good/evil affiliations are switched. So Sombra is good, while Celly and Lulu are evil.


I'm not too sure though, since the 'reformed' Celly of that story looks freaking ridiculous



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>tfw civies will never fully understand the glory of Taco Tuesday


He would most likely be similar to a male luna. Doubtful in himself, but eager to prove that he has changed,and that the denizens of the empire should no longer fear him, but he wishes to assist and help the empire endure. I would expect to see an episode similar to Luna Eclipsed with his reformation arc.

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