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Remembered for the element of..


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The elements of Harmony, can you think of historic figures in real life that are remembered in a way that represents an element of harmony?


Ex. Loyalty, Hachiko is a dog remembered in japan for continuing to go to the place where it used to meet up with owner many years after their death.


What can you come up with?

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Kindness (goes with loyalty) - Tsar Boris III http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boris_III_of_Bulgaria I think we were the only nazi puppet country that saved our jews from the death camps. I am pretty sure more good politicians like him existed.

Honesty - I don't think that such a thing existed or will exist in the human race.

Loyalty - Almost every ruler of a country in the past was loyal to his country. He wasn't going to be a ruler if he wasn't.

Laughter - No idea.

Generosity - All those monarchs that gave territories to another country.

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Digging up this image I made for the world cup:




Honest Abe = Element of Honesty




My list from one of my first posts.  :)

















I think this post wins this thread. I can't think of better people for any of those.

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For Generosity, either Gandhi or Mandela.



Gandhi is my arch enemy :V


I do not approve :okiedokielokie:








And all of my yes :D


Sam :wub:



Errr, I dunno :please: I dig Jeric's post, to be honest. I really don't think a list can get much more precise than that.

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Hmmm... well, to take a different spin on things here, rather than putting people who have since passed, I'll put living people:

Laughter: Ellen Degeneres


Generosity: Sandra Bullock


Honesty: Clint Eastwood


Loyalty: Mike Rowe


Kindness: Ryan Gosling


Magic: Morgan Freeman




Btw, Jeric's post wins.  Lol.


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