My first song

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Ow, my ears. Well.. I didn't like it but there is talent there keep doing what you do. I don't know much about music or what you were going for but with a bit more backstory I could say more.

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First off, the bass is great. What did you use for it? 


Also all in all i think the song is ok but it could be better, musically its fine but i think what needs work is the compression and a mastering. Its your first song tho so big ups  :muffins:


Also be careful with the reverbs on your sounds, at the moment all your instruments sound like they are in completely different spaces. Good use of verb will help you glue your drum and rhythm sections together.


For a first song tho, this is great. Should have heard my first song. boy oh boy. :derp:  

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Pretty good for a first song. I'm more of a metalhead myself though, but I actually kinda like it. Keep up the good work! :)

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