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"Out of ideas, Dave Polsky makes Winona an arch-villain, voiced by Saberspark, uses badonkadonk as secret weapon."


"P1K suspected of using pirated brushable, as reported by The Round Stable."


"M. A. Larson caught stealing M&M's at TrotCon, reports The Round Stable."


This thing is like a banana. I want to eat it.

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Due to the fact this is focused on something pony related, Im going to have to move it to Sugarcube corner. Please ensure you post threads in the correct subsections in the future :)

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"MrPoniator leaked nudes of Screwball on Tumblr."


"Amy Keating Rogers caught using the tag line "Nyx used my party cannons and won’t give it back to Nurse Redheart" from Saberspark’s latest fanfic, claims Gay Horse Channel."


"Daniel Ingram rumored to be secretly working with fainting couch fandom to take down rinachan."


"David Tennant declares that Silly Filly Studios has the worst OC in existence."


i dont even know who half people mentioned there are.

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"Lauren Faust realized Ms. Harshwhinny is too much like Nurse Redheart and decided to kill one of them."


"Flash Sentry stole Forest Rain's waifu and made Gilda cry."


"Weird Al rumoured to be secretly working with spoilers fandom to take down Tarby."


"David Tennant caught stealing beach balls at TrotCon, reported Equestria Daily."


And my personal favourite, "Lauren Faust gives Spike a new catchphrase: 'Holy deep-fried stuffed dinosaurs!'"

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"Bejoty suspected of using pirated another Brony documentary, as reported by The Round Stable."


No idea who Bejoty is.


"Thanks to a fad inspired by d.notive and All Levels At Once's hit collab, Nightmare Nights earns the nickname "fainting couch con."


I don't get it.


"JanAnimations and Silver Quill hold funeral as panel at Sydneigh, Tara Strong officiates. Attendees throw swag at them."



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